after quiting smoking I was given a spiro test by the practice nurse and was told that I had COPD, had the breathing capacity of a 92 year old woman and given a inhaler to use twice a day. ( I am 64 years) Full stop. Because there is no COPD NHS group where I live, I had no where to go with my questions regarding having only one of the symptoms of COPD which was shortness of breathe occassionally. Anyway to keep this short, after months of fighting with my GP I finally got an appointment with a Resp Consultant and after a full set of lung function tests was told that I do not have COPD at all and should stop taking the inhaler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?? The Consultant simply said "lose some weight and will see you in 5 to 6 months" . This should be great news BUT my home peak flow readings are dropping month by month and when I mentioned this to my GP, he shrugged and made no comment. What is happening? From 350 to 250 in just a few months. Should I begin another battle to see the Consultant before the 5 to 6 month wait? Or am I hittinmg the panick button un-necessarily?

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  • You are worried and need answers to your questions. I think you need to see another GP, to get your questions answered and be reassured. Easier said than done! Ring the BLF nurse to explain your worries. Click "about us" blue bar at top. You need another referral. It is possible that you could see a different consultant. All the best x

  • changing your GP in my area of Wales is not an easy option but I am getting to the point of taking this further via the NHS help line. But in the mean time I have called the blf help line and hope that they can caste some light on this. thank you for replying.

  • I agree with pergola - ring the BLF helpline to ask their advise. DON'T panic, TAD xx

  • have done and am awaiting a call back from them. thanks for replying.

  • Take the good advise pergola and TADAW have given while the office for BLF is open. Sooner you speak to someone hopefully the sooner some of your anxiety will go. Anxiety is bad for us all,.

  • thanks Suzy, have just phoned the BLF help line and am awaiting a call back.

  • Hi, have you stopped using the inhaler?

    If so has your peak flow changed since then?

  • no, knitter, the decrease began before I stopped the inhaler......but since stopping the inhaler, my throat isnt as dried out, and my sinuses have finally kicked back into action. Will phone the help line now and thank you for your reply.

  • Hi Mishawaka, it's just that I have a problem with some inhalers....my peak flow will go up at first but after a few days my chest tightens and my peak flow goes down.

    Everyone seems to react differently to different drugs...my friend does well on one inhaler that I can't tolerate

    Best of luck

  • Was the inhaler Seretide? If so that will dry your throat it is best to gargle after taking it. My voice goes very husky since I have been taking it. With the present damp conditions this will affect your peak flow.

    When I had my GP Spiro test the nurse would not tell me a a thing and would not print off the results. I was told by my doctor I have Restrictive Lung disease and my Fev1 shows a 53% Lung function (no idea what lung age that is?) I am having a full Lung test and Sleep Apnoea test on the 27th.

    Be Well

  • good luck offcut........I tell you, it is so unacceptable to receive such lack of care and information. I was only given the full lung tests after a year and this was only after threatening my GP. The tide is turning though and I keep reading news paper articles about Labour Gov Officials telling us to fight for the care we need and that GPs and Hospitals have to learn how to say sorry for their failures. My health council has been heavily criticised by Cardiff after an investigation. Any way, enough complaining..Again, good wishes for your test results.

  • In my case I have been asking for tests on my lungs for 2 years after I had a heart procedure and they had to put me on Oxygen the whole time I was there and flat and said that they were worried on how low it was. But all My doctors would say was it was my heart condition not my lungs. Even though in 2008 my lungs collapsed and I was in ICU for 32 days. I have a paralysed diaphragm, fibrosis and maybe sleep apnoea Plus I have worked with asbestos for ten year in the 80's. I found out I had pneumonia in 2010 but told it was an infection? I have had 2 pneumonia jabs to date?

  • where do you live Offcut? The services are such a postal lottery.

  • I Live in Coventry. My main hospital is Coventry University hospital in Walsgrave but I mainly go to George Eliot Hospital in Nuneaton.

    My last heart procedure was in a private hospital that the NHS use :)

  • Hi Offcut do you have to go in to hospital to have the sleep apnoea test.

  • According to the leaflet they gave no they will put a thing on my wrist and finger but the doctor did ask my collar size? And I have to hand it all back before 10:00 the next day.

  • He might be buying you a new shirt or a collar lol

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