Drink Urine

watched morning tv with Bex Long and John Dixon drink their own urine keeps them healthy

its almost like an energy drink [quote]

had a suggestion that it would save wasting vitamins on one of my blogs but must admit the idea freaks me out

"I suffered from depression for a good ten years and I was taking tablets which I wanted to get off and John suggested this. quote

John said it was an isotonic drink quote that should please anyone worried about ph of the water they drink

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  • Hi Ashtray. I think I will give that one a miss. X

  • Would be a bit worried,whose getting the next round in. there are already pubs serving horse pee

  • I do make the effort with my health no smoking as much exercise as I can along with a healthy diet. I think there is a reason why our bodies have passed material we do not want such as infections, pointless washing your hands if you are going to drink it.

  • I`ve heard of this before and personally think its a load of rubbish. Its been filtered inside us and its stuff the body doesn`t want and so rejects it. Why drink it, it doesn`t make sense.

  • The newsagent I used to go in years the man that owned told me he drank his own urine, don't ask me how we got on the subject. It's something that people have done for thousands of years apparently. I'll give it a miss, unless they told me it could definitely cure me then I would.


  • Gives a whole other meaning to Wii Fit!

  • LOL

  • What a thought. I would prefer a glass of white wine - still pale yellow. I did see a programme a long time ago presented by Vanessa Feltz discussing the different uses of urine. Toning your face was one.

  • My face got some exercise thinking about drinking some uggghh

  • 4 tins Tesco Everyday Value for a knicker nag in yer burger filled em

  • That sounds like a lot of P.S to me..........

    No thank you, Ill stick to good old fashioned water chlorine and all.


  • Might consider it, if I was in desert with no water to drink!

  • Think I will stick with the council pop

  • this has been going around for a long time I cannot see how drinking your own urine is god for you as the kidneys excrete waste matter and at times sugar kidneys act as a filter for the body so why drink something your body is getting rid of as for saying it does them good think it must be the Placebo effect

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