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what to do now

what a rotten night I finely got to bed about 3.30 had lots of trouble breathing .wife called paramedic at 7 am who arrived really quickly ,settled me down then called ambulance they came quick as well , they were all here about 90 mins . then they asked if I wanted to go to hospital or stay at home I stayed at home . . I now have rapid response nurse coming in to treat me at home for 5 days unless I get worse then I have to go in .. never new these wonderful nurses existed .she explained what ive gotta do and tell the truth not act all brave making out I feel better than I do . feel bit a twat scaring the life out of me wife .well keep on breathing

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Glad to hear you are getting the treatment you need. It is a very scary being so breathless - my husband scares me regularly!! Actually though when he gets so ill he doesn't seem to know how ill he is - if that makes sense. Wishing you speediest recovery. TAD xx

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your not the only one who feels a twat tobydo,it;s something i always have to explain over the phone, about sounding like heavy breather, people hyang up on me


Get well soon and always get someone out to you if you need it. Take care. xxxx


It sounds as if you had a real good service, Toby with good care. Your part will be "do as you are told" and enjoy getting better. I dont know anything about rapid response nurses - interesting. xx


In Scotland we have a rapid response unit.

I like you I always feel a fool when my poor wife has to phone them but the nurse who attends says the same thing to me DONT be a hero and tell me your ok when your lips are blue and your breathing is non existing.

Take their advice, Take it easy and god bless your wife.



Tobydoo, so glad you called in the paramedics, and so glad you now have a rapid response nurse coming to treat you at home. Just listen to what the good paramedic people tell you and no making out all is ok when its not.

Keeping fingers crossed you will soon be on the mend.

Best wishes BC


Oh! Tobydoo. That was rotten for you. You haven't got an infection coming have you. I've seen my Husband like that. It's pretty scary at the time. Mike has been given some Lorazepam for when he gets like it. It makes you pretty sleepy for a few hours after but it certainly works quick. X


glad you have a great home service. You know when you are OK to be at home with the proper help, so that's good.


Tobydoo just behave yourself take all the help get better and treat your wife to something really nice.


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