My Dad has lung cancer and i'm not sure what to expect

The cancer has spread to both lungs, he had surgery to remove tumours from his liver. had a scan about 7 weeks ago which showed a spot on his lung, another scan and results in the last week showing growth and more spots., now told nothing can be done, possibly when he goes back in april then they may put him on chemo again to slow it down?. I find it hard to ask him specifics ie how long, what will start to happen to him. feeling a bit lost.


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  • Alec, so sorry to hear about your Dad. I am wondering whether you have considered looking around the MacMillan support forums. There should be one for lungs. You will get plenty of helpful support here but Macmillan are good to follow.

  • Hi so sorry to hear about your Dad. Pergola1 has given you very good advice. I'm sure lots more will too! Thinking of you and your Dad xx

  • Hi Alec

    Sorry to hear about your Dad - very difficult time for you both. Agree good advice from pergola, also you could ring up BLF - click on red balloon top right - they are very good folks and very knowledgeable in all field of lung disease.

    I wish you well to both you and your Dad. Please keep in touch with us.

    love cx

  • Hello Alec sorry to hear your sad news about your Dad. There is a Macmillan site on line where you could talk to someone more knowledgeable about the illness. They also have family support did the hospital not refer you to the Macmillan services when your dad was diagnosed? especially as they have said there's no more can be done. Speaking from experience the Macmillan nurses can be a god send and they can speed up services to make the illness easier to manage. Take care of yourself as you will need all your strength to get through this sad time. My heart goes out to you.

  • Hi Alec, such sad news for you to have to cope with. As all have said, Macmillan is there. You can ring them and arrange to meet with someone to talk to, for you. They are not only there for your dad, but for the whole family, it will help you to get through all that is to come. I know from my own experience, when my husband was diagnosed in 1999. The macmillan teams are priceless. My heart goes out to you, and my thoughts are with you. Stay strong Alec. Stay in touch xx

  • So sorry to hear your bad news Alec,I do feel for you,you must be feeling lost.

    Great advice from our friends as usual,I can't realy add to it,do hope you have family/friends,that you can turn too.

    Is it possible to have a meeting with medical staff,to discuss all options?

    Take care,love Wendells xxx

  • Thank you all for your response, i will look into the Macmillan website. My dad is classed as a strong silent type and has said for me not to worry and that he's ok.. (trouble is i do,and he's not). Really touched by all your replies.

  • Alec I'm so sorry to hear about your dad we are always hear take care

  • So sorry to hear about your Dad be it sounds like you need to stay strong for him.

    Macmillan advice sound the best bet x

  • Hi Alec i feel ur pain. Both my parents died from this awful disease . Its a rough journey ahead of u . Surround urself with people that matter and take all the help u can get make every moment count . I believe that all lifes experiences good and bad make us stronger . Sending u and your family my very best wishes ps its good to talk not bottle things up hope u have a good netwrk of friends and family for support .x

  • Thank you for your message, it must have been very hard for you. I will take your advice on board and make some more memories before it takes hold if him to hard .

  • oh dear alec l feel so sad for you its not a nice thing having what your dad has and l know theres nothing anyone can do to stop it unfortunately . but all l can say is when my relative had it we could only make her comfy and do what we could l don't know if you have the mcmillon nurses coming in yet but if you don't then ring the doctors receptionist and they will put you in good hands and l do hope you find what your looking for xx take care too

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