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PIPS Tel No is 0808 1788114 not 0808 17888114

PIPS Tel No is 0808 1788114 not 0808 17888114

I have just spent about 30 to 40 minutes being passed from pillar to post and waiting to get through to various places only to get given wrong information or told different stories to the ones I have been told previously and all of this mostly due to the PIPS contact number on the Capita website being written wrong!

Please see the attached image to see the number clearly showing the Capita PIPS contact number as 0808 17888114 when it should in fact be 0808 1788114

Today's date is the 15th Jan 2014 and I have informed Capita via the phone of this mistake on their website.

Would people please check this link on the Capita site here > and then choose the PIPS option from the drop down menu and take a look then post an answer here in order to verify this and then let's wait to see how long it takes to get fixed.

If anyone else also reports this to Capita please let us know below so that I know it is not just me who has informed them of the error on their website.

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Good post Mr.fFlicks. Will be doing as you suggest. xx PS Done!


The number has disappeared - not corrected, just gone.


Now that is just really strange. Can you take a screenshot to show that from your end Toci? I ask as it's still showing for me here pre clearing my cache and also are you sure you clicked the drop down menu and chose the PIP's item choice from the menu?


Sorry, I have no idea how to do that. But I clicked on your link (above) and looked where it says "Services we run" and it was exactly the same except no number was given.


Not to worry Toci I see you are not very "computer literate" as they say. Thanks for :) looking. Offcut and Libby7827 have verified it is still there so don't fret over not understanding.

If you ever need any pointers RE knowing your way round a computer for such things feel free to ask me as I do SEO and web design & development as well as being someone with COPD unable to walk more than a few feet and in need of help to as my health deteriorates.

I will be happy to help you in any way I can freely if I can RE computer stuff if you get stuck ay time.


Still there!

"Services we run

Select from the list below if you wish to contact one of the services we run:

Personal Independence Payment

0808 17888114

- See more at:"



Still the same at my end never been on the site so no cache. I have sent them an email to point out mistake ( Or is it? )

I sent email:


On your PIP Start page you have the wrong telephone number? Tel No is 0808 1788114 not 0808 17888114

Proof reading before loading on the website will save people so much time.


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Whatever are you implying Offcut do you suspect (as I do) this is the type of contempt the Gov and those who undertake work for them hold those who might need to claim PIP's in? :( :(

I think this tells us all volumes as to what they think of those in need and those facing the worst circumstances.

Mistake my hut hmm I for one know (at least I am convinced and won't be easily convinced otherwise) it's not an innocent mistake on their part...

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So far for me:

1) Wrongly claimed I had not paid NI for 24 months. It took me 6 months to get the proof they would except before they would pay me.

2) Did not take into account any of my ailments at the ATOS meeting.

3) DWP Denied receiving my Heart consultants notes. Sent by Recorded next time did not lose them?

4) Sent appeal form by recorded delivery claimed to have not received then quoted date signed for all of a sudden found further down in their notes.

5) Won appeal support group ESA 12 month review. (7 month wait)

6) Back dated payment put in closed bank account even though they confirmed my new account?

7) Wife told she had to go to a work placement meeting even after we called to explain she is working 19 hours a week to be told if she does not turn up my money will be stopped! When we got there they told us we should not of been told that as she is working?

8) Blue badge asked for assessment 1 month after my badge ran out which for me in the winter would mean I could not go out and park in my close parking as before? 4 phone calls later I was told that I should not of had the letter in the first place and on the due date my badge arrived?

Maybe I am a bit cynical. That I have had to go though all that and more to get less than the MP's are getting in their rise this year so they can cope!

Be Well

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Sounds like the type of thing I am bit by bit getting to as I put in a claim in Oct and DWP didn't get the things to Capita until Dec 17th and yesterday I was told the welcome pack I was told was being fast tracked through to me 2 or 3 week ago (I find it difficult to keep track) because of all the delays still has not been sent out and they couldn't give me any dates when I might just get to that step.

I am expecting two steps back for every step forward as part and parcel of the course of things going by things thus far and from the things I know you and others are going through Offcut.

It's like they really are trying to drag things out as long as possible for everyone.

It's all a bit of a nightmare really IMHO...


I would recommend any correspondence should be in writing or go to the local job centre it costs a fortune to call them and then they tell you have come through to the wrong department if you go through the job centre they make notes of the conversation which comes in handy as they have been known to be economically with the truth

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number there today 17th January 9.40pm and still wrong - sorry have not bothered to report it to them - obviously does no good anyway. Sorry just on the PIPs thing does anyone know how much you get on it have never heard anyone say except that you have to metaphorically 'jump through hoops' (although of course not literally) to get it.


Thank you for your email . A member of the Personal Independence Payment team will respond to you within two working days.

That was the reply I got on the 16th looked today still the same!


Did you get your 48 hour reply Offcut? I suspect if they didn't reply their will be a fairly standard one coming your way Monday blaming the weekend for delay in reply.


No did not expect one it does say 2 working days. I do not think they have worked a whole day in their lives!


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