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I have emphysema. I have had sputum samples tested and these usually respond to Doxycycline. After my last infection they repeated the test and I was found to have e-coli!!! (I thought you had to be put down with this). 2 weeks later I was tested again and I have pseudomonas. I have been prescribed Ciprofloxacin. I feel well and really do not understand any of this. I have googled it all and it would be easy to be really worried! Have any of you experienced any of this? At the moment I feel like one of those purple slimy creatures that hang around toilet bowls!!! Anyone any idea of what is going on?

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  • I'm wondering if the e-coli didn't come from your saliva in the sputum test.

    I noticed in my last two there was a lot of spittle (yuk yuk) either way, good job because you did a 2nd one & the pseudomonas was found.

    I hear it's hard to shift, how it works quickly for you.

  • Hi peeg your not far wrong there most well 99% infection come from our months not others

    Tooth brush is main culptit .. Sm debating haveing all me teeth removed .. might be extrem but a choose life over teeth

  • oo that's yuk Daz.

    Isn't there something less extreme than having all your teeth out like gargling & mouthwashing with diluteTea Tree Oil and soaking your tooth brush in Milton?

  • Talk to both your GP and your dentist about this. I know dentists can be reluctant to remove teeth if they dont have to.

  • All my teeth have hooked roots and have been a pain .. Last time a was at dentist he was un sure if he would be able to get tooth out BUT he said he would give it a go LIKE really am going to let him half do somthing THINK he might of been masacistic one ..

    Be hospital job a think next time as have to be carefull esp as doc said i have or suffer from sepsis

  • ooo Daz, tricky one. Last year my sister had an infected gum, given amoxi from dentist for a week, didnt clear, given 2nd dose, didnt clear so dentst referred her to hospital, the hosp appoint didnt come through for 3 months by which time the infection had started to eat away her bone. Bloody awful treatment in Suffolk.

    needless to say she went private PDQ and is having implants. Lucky she can afford it.

    Moral: dont hang about if you have infected gums ...... perhaps it's a godsend you've got hooked roots so you DO have to go to hospital & not a half baked dentist.

  • pseudomonas is present in the air all around us, if it becomes established in your lungs it is very difficult to get rid of, but it may be an oesophageal infection and needs to be treated as soon as you can, it may be that that is what you have as you feel ok, I have just over the last year had a similar problem which in my case GP did not prescribe any thing immediately and I had it for a month, cypro is a good cure for it, but make sure it is clear as it becomes resistant very quickly I would suggest a second sputum test when you have finished the cypro, my dose was increased to 750 if I have the problem again, the e-coli is fro your oesophagus as well I would have thought.

    don't forget to top up you gut bacteria with natural yogurt etc as this will help your immune system

  • Hi am no expert by any means but sound like you have cysts emphysema

    Emphysema is air our fluid as you have been colonised with bactiria causing infections that a think are going to part of life as your cyst are infectided

    You need to keep on top of antibiotics .. your probley suffering back lung pain aswell

    Anyway cheers al the best

  • Taken anti bios read this says all why we get bugs

  • I have had both e.coli (which I was told was rare in the lungs) plus some other fancy bugs. Sometimes, I feel well and other times, not so good, breathless etc.

    I am to pick up a prescription for azithromycin to take the place of the antibiotics I am prescribed. Will I still need a rescue pack. I will google but take what I see with a pinch of salt. The NHS and Boots site are good.

  • Pseudamonas was first mentioned to me 8yrs ago after I struggled with 3x months of infection. It was not dealt with firmly enough, fast enough and I became colonised.

    Ciprofloxacin is THE oral drug for pseudamonas. If cipro doesn't work then it's IV antibiotics in hospital. If this is suggested, do it and get rid. Azithromycin is often given as a small 3x per week dose, long term, it makes pseudamonas more succeptable to cipro so if this is suggested- take it. Pseud is very difficult to eradicate once it has settled in - something I didn't know 8yrs ago.

    A year ago I began nebulised abs and this works well - my last sample was clear, no pseud! But it could come back so I continue with abs and physio.

    Pseud is a complex bug. There are different strains and some are resistant to cipro. You can be growing different pseuds in different parts of your lungs so a lot depends on what you bring up for culture.

    Pseud is also a common bug in the community, on skin, in lungs etc. some people can have it with no problems but people with damaged lungs can have real problems with it. We can also have pseud in our lungs and feel fine!!! Some nurses and drs tick me off for focussing on my pseud load, but I have had bronchiectasis for a long time and know better than them!!

    You have been put on the best drug for the bug. Take the whole course, do your physio and ask for a sample analysis about five days after the end of your course to ensure it has been eradicated.

  • Thank you to all of you who took the time to reply to me. This is a very special group of people. I am particularly grateful to Happy feet who has had experience with this particular bug and I will copy out and keep his comments. I haven't been given any physio to do - perhaps that will come later. .I have been given a double dose of the recommended drug so am hoping it will clear the infection. Thank you again..

  • I would recommend you do physio daily. This basically means coughing up the gunge that is in your lungs to get rid of what is down there otherwise you run the risk of some pseud bugs remaining and flaring up again. There are ways of coughing which are gentler than the standard hacking cough.

    I don't have emphysema so don't know how it affects the lungs but I would imagine an infection would have the same outcome as in any damaged lung.

  • Hi Wowsa. Forgive me for laughing but the hanging around the toilet bowls got me going. I thought of the purple slimy thing as well. I think it's a Domestos add isn't it. I always thought if you had E. Coli you had a bad tummy. Shows what I know. Good that they are treating it anyway. X

  • I've had a chest infection since 17th Dec three lots of anti and steroids including cirpo finished them Friday was left feeling very tired. Felt a bit better until this afternoon started with slight cough and ache in lymph nodes again

  • doctors give first a "primary" drug. if the illness persists with terrbile mucus, they go on to "secondary" AB. Cyprofloxacin is a much stronger AB. if you feel well, at least finish the course of Cypro.

    I had quite a few infection through pseudomonas, against which Cyproxin is effective. have they said which bug you have?

    Mind you, if you feel well, you probably don't have pseudomonas which makes you feel awful!

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