What should i do now

Hi thank you for all advice so far. Im waiting to go for second opinion . Today which is day four of no steroids or antibiotics i was cleaning my teeth when i felt what i can only describe as a pop then my chests burning again and feels hard to breatge again. Im currently off work due to see gp on monday coming ....do you think i need to go sooner ....i feel such a pest. Im just really sore cant cough up feels stuck ...thanks .

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  • Hi Tigershay1, For your own peice of mind i wont do any harm to call your GP even for a telephone consultation,Good Luck Matt

  • Yes i thought that ill give her a ring thanks

  • Hi, dont worry at all about feeling a pest, you're not. I would deffo see the doctor if only to get an all clear from infection. I always do this when I'm not sure if I'm over an one (as I did last week to find it was still there so given a few more days of Azithromycin + a form for an x-ray if I didn't improve).

    Get that appointment. I've no idea what the popping would mean, perhaps call the BLF nurses who are so knowledgeable, they may be familiar with it. The only loud 'popping' I ever had was when the waters broke!

  • It was weird i was cleaning my teeth then went to stand up and felt odd then pain burning chest ive not done anything except sit this mornng so will see how i am afternoon and phone dr . Thanks judith

  • Hi Tigershay1 - Please ring the BLF helpline - click on the red balloon in the corner and definitely go back to the doctors. You need some reassurance and don't want to be ill over the weekend. Take good care. TAD xx

  • If you can get an appointment today I would go for that, or attend a walk in clinic if you have one in your area. Meantime drink plenty of water and please don't delay any further, the most important thing is to preserve lung health, the way we can do that is to never delay seeking treatment when there is a problem and your disciption indicates there is a problem.

    Take good care and go seek medical advice asap.

    Come back and let us know how you are.

    Best wishes BC

  • Fortunately for me my GP always prescribes emergency antibiotics and steroids as a standby, should chest infection flare up, so I always have some in. Speak to your GP about this, I'm sure they would help you. Also I have a very kind and supportive Respiratory Nurse Specialist who I can speak to should I have concerns or worries. On a couple of occasions when infection doesn't appear to be clearing as antibiotic prescribed doesn't appear to be working, has arranged with Consultant who has prescribed another which is effective with type of bacteria, and either my husband or son goes to the hospital to get them for me. (This is because I refuse to go in hospital, I get better more quickly at home). To be truthful as well when I have been admitted I dread those blood test for blood gases from your brachial artery it is so painful!! Hope you recover soonx

  • Hi well i have steroids in for emergency but not antibiotics...im waiting for a second opinion so new chest consult as other was useless. Im waiting to hear from gp as to whether ive gotto go see her or shes going to prescribe another course fingers crossed x

  • how did you get another consultant? I tried but receptionists at the hospital's Chest Clinic told me I couldn't & could only see one of his registrars. This entails going in to the the chest clinic a couple of days before to ensure there are registrars on duty for the appointment day.

    My next appt is 10am next Monday so I'll go in tomorrow. I did that once and was assured I'd see a registrar, went off to Wiltshire for 10 days but returning just for the appointment to find none were on, only the bl***y con so I reappointed & left. 20 mile round trip that I can ill afford.

    It puts me into a hot palaver just thinking about it.

    Good luck with yours :)

  • Im waiting for appointment i refused to go back to the other as ive n confidence in him so wold ratger wait and see someone who will get me on a treatmentvplan and not discredit other consultants diagnoses ...i have rheumatoid arthritis and he said i did not!!!

  • Hi peeg, I went to see my doctor as I was not happy with treatment by a consultant and she told me I could choose which consultant at whatever hospital I wanted to see. So I did and I am really happy now. I have a consultant closer to me in fact just 15 minutes away.

    polly xx

  • Defo contact your GP hun. Good luck with your new consultant.


  • I agree with Mattcass. You need reassurance and you need to find out why you are suddenly having pain. A phone consultation with you Doc is a good way to start. He'll take it from there.

    The BLF people are super so do give them a call.

    All the best Tigershay 1

  • Just come off phone from gp got to up all inhalers and stop my naproxin as she needs to see if these are aggrivating chest. No steroids but shes put me in to see another gp tomorrow ....

  • Gp rang and has told me to up my inhalers further and stop my Naproxen tablets (for my rheumatoid arthritis) and go see her tomorrow. No steroids as ive had way too many. Ive been on naproxen for nine months no probs so not sure whats going on feeling fed up

  • So glad you chatted to the doc and your appointment has been brought forward to tomorrow. Keep drinking plenty of water and if you get in any real breathing difficult tonight call NHS Direct or emergency service if you need to.


    Take care

  • I'm not surprised you are fed up!

    You're suddenly having pains, find breathing difficult. don't know what's going on and and are probably more than a bit scared.

    You've picked up the courage to call your GP even though you 'feel a pest'

    A lot of us have been there and it's not a good feeling.

    Worst of all you have not really had any real answers from your GP who maybe could have done more to reassure you.

    Be determined to get some answers tomorrow tigershay1!

    We'll be thinking of you tonight.

  • Thank you Butter fly i will do xx

  • i would ask for an xray to check re pleurisy or popped lung/ pneumothorax - sounds frightening, but will be ok as lung reinflates with treatment if it is pneumothorax. Years ago my doc sounded my chest and did nothingexcept antibiotics ... that night allmy family visited as if I was dying .... next day my whole lung had collapsed so emergency ambulance, exray and hospital treatment ... pleurisy had led to that after the flu!!!!

  • Just back from gp and he confirms i have crackles on my left lung ....more antibiotics and steroids back again on mon so can listen in again sixth lot so fingers crossed . Thanks for all good wishes x

  • The main thing tigershay 1 is that you've getting something done about the problem and the GP's eye is on the ball so to speak.

    You'll rest a bit easier tonight hopefully. x

  • Go as soon as you can. If you get no joy, go to A&E good luck

  • Just got my appointment for rvi .....two weeks time fingers crossed i get some answers

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