My beautiful mum♡♥

I'm sat in bed holding back my tears, my mum has been taken into hospital again, only been home 3 weeks, but this time it seem so hard seeing her gasping and frightened. This wil be the longest night of my life as I judt want to be with her making her better. I couldnt stay as im a single mum to my beautiful 12 year old daughter eho has severe ocd ad general anxiety, who adores her grandma so much, I couldnt bare seeing her little scared face as she sat watching grandma suffer so I brought her home. Hopefully tomorrow I will be writing yhat she is over the worse. Xx


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50 Replies

  • So sorry.

    Sending thoughts for your Mum, yourself and your daughter.

    Try to get some sleep tonight and rest easy known your Mum is in a place where she will be monitored and helped to recover breathing so she can be more comfortable tonight as she sleeps and tomorrow showing a big improvement when you visit.

    Best wishes BC

  • Thanks for ur kind words lovely knowing people understand what I'm feeling. X

  • Hi Bmb64. Once they get you Mum on IV antibiotics you should see a difference. I would say a couple of days. Hope she will be home with you soon. X

  • Just got back from seeing mum who is on iv antibiotic, prednisone and drip to help open the airways, she is still struggling but compared to last night, a big improvememt. Many thanks xx

  • glad your Mum is a little better today, good luck

  • Hope mum is home soon thoughts for you mum and daughter

  • Thank you x

  • im so sorry about your mum i hope she is feeling better tomorrow,xx

  • Thanks just got back pleased to say saw an improvement. Xx

  • So sorry about your Mum, she is in the best place and I am sure she feels the same way about seeing your little scared face too.... My Mum had COPD and I remember her being taken away in the middle of the night, but I never knew why at least you are there for her and vice versa xx

  • Thanks for ur kind words! Xx

  • So sorry about your mum, she's in the best place, she will get the best treatment. Try to keep strong for her.

  • Thanks! X

  • you poor thing. i really understand what you say about your daughter. my son has autism, adhd, generalised anxiety disorder and depression and when i was in hospital (not lungs - that is my partner) my son came to see me and could not stop yawning for over an hour - it was stress related rather than boredom!

    i made the decision at the time that he should come and see me as he tended to picture things far worse if he didn't have a real life image of them and it may be that even though it was hard for your daughter (and for you) it was best that she saw your mum so she knew exactly how she was rather than it being worse in her imagination. i don't know if this makes sense and they are all different but i hope it is helpful. big hugs.

  • Thanks for your advice, my daughter has daily rituals she does to keep my mum save, we have been cutting them down but always ends up with bad coincidences were my mum is poorly, it's just so hard for her to inderstand that its not her fault, ocd is a horrible disorder but we are getting help. Once again thanks xx

  • Positive thoughts for your Mum, she is with the Hospital and the best professionals will guide her, you have to be strong for her... I have a 19 year old daughter with epilepsy and some other problems I know how you feel and so would my daughter... as my son tells me of the same age 19 keep positive it will keep you safe, today is a new day and things take time so try to be calm x

  • Thanks just been inwith my mum, glad to say she has improvef slightly. Xx

  • Thinking of you at this worrying time xxx she is in the best place, you just need to look after yourselves to be strong for her xx

  • Thanks xx

  • Do hope things are a bit better now,as others said,she is in the right place,& hopefully will respond to antibiotics soon.Once she is feeling brighter take your daughter along,to see for herself that Grandma is better,bless her.

    Take care of yourself too,

    Love Wendells xxx

  • Mum has made some improvement so decided not to take my daughter in tonight , hopefully will take her tomorrow when mum will be even stronger:-) thanks! Xx

  • Thank you so much for all your kind words, alled hhe hospital been told she is comfortable, but anxious to be with her. Taking my daughter to school then going the hospital, hopefully will have some good news to share. Xx

  • Hello,

    Just seen this and had to reply straight away - My mum was in a similar situation I think last year - was admitted 4 times - the 3rd and 4th time of which were petrifying for all of us and I felt the same as you - BUT with lots of love, fight, care and attention at home, My BEautiful and wholly inspiring Mum has been home solidly now for almost 7 months - I feel so grateful - the point is we broke the cycle and hopefully giving hope to you.....Love Den xxxxx

  • Thanks just knowing that other people have experienced what we did last night and that things can get better, really helps me to keep thinking positively. It just hurts so much seeing a loved one strughle so much, but pleased to say there eas slight improvement today. Take care xx

  • You too, keep as strong and positive as you can x

  • So sorry for all of you, but as most have said, mum is in the best place, keep your strength up, eat and sleep well, so you are strong for your daughter and for mum when she comes home. My prayers are with you all. X

  • Thank you, glad to say more looking a little better today.x

  • Oh how awful for you. Love, kind thoughts to you and your daughter and prayers for healing for your Mum TAD xxx

  • Thanks for your kind thoughts. X

  • Mom is in the right place and hopefully the antibiotics will be working soon so that you can see a big improvement in her, then you will be able to take your little girl to see that she is getting better.

    Best wishes to you all.

    polly xx

  • Thanks did see a slight improvement today so relieved to see her with abit of colour. Xx

  • Thanks Polly:-) xx

  • Try to stay strong not only for your daughter and mothers sake but also your own. I know how hard it is when a loved one is suffering you want to take it on yourself but that is not possible so don't wear yourself out trying to do the impossible, be there to support and cheer and don't forget to take care of yourself.

    God Bless

  • Thanks for your kind advice x

  • This is my first post on the forum, my mum is going through exactly the same thing right now. x

  • Hi & welcome Page! Sorry to hear about your Mum though.Thats one good thing about the site(&theres many more!) you can often find someone going through the same things as yourself so you don't feel so alone.

    Hope to see you posting again,& all good wishes to you & your Mum,

    Love Wendells xxx

  • hi page sorry to hear about your mum keep your chin up thinking of you

  • Hi, I never thought you could get so much comfort from sharing your worries, my mum is a very private lady and doesn't talk to anyone about her illnesses, but I found this site and often read through it and I must say it really helps me and most certainly get me through last night. Hope your mum shows signs of improvement soon, and you take special care of yourself. Xx

  • Good morning bmb64. I have just seen this post and am hoping you have better news this morning. My thoughts are with you. x

  • Hi there, this message is a bit late but I do hope your Mum is feeling better by now and home with you soon, take care x

    Best wishes to you all.


  • Many thanks Jude. Hopefully when all the drugs kick in she will be feeling better:-) xx

  • I am so sorry bmb. Watching a loved one suffer is awful, especially when they can't breathe as you feel so helpless. I do hope your mum improves soon so you and your little girl can be with her again. Sending hugs and love to you all.

    Kath xx

  • Thanks Kath just called the hospital my brother is with her watching corrie:-( she will be in tears if she is back to her usual self:-) xx

  • Monday is the day to get the big box of tissues out for Corrie. xx

  • Sending thoughts to u all and may yr mum be home safe and well very soon.....

  • Many thanks!

  • Thinking of you. How you and your mum doing?

  • Having a better night thanks! Mum sees to be responding to all the drugs, and I dont feel so alone thanks to all the caring people on this site. Hope ur well!

  • That's great. Sleep well, or try

  • hi,

    though i´m not sure how it works, at least it will make you feel better, try listening this

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