Strange night !

On top of my COPD I have been diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea, according to the sleep study I recently had I " stop breathing" on average 18 times an hour! Well yesterday I went to the hospital to be fitted with a CPAP machine. Last night was my first night of using it, can't say I had a good nights sleep, but hey I will try again tonight, I know it will take a lot of getting used to but if it makes me less tired during the day then it is worth it. Saying that I won't wear it tomorrow night as back to the hospital I go this time to be fitted with a 24 hour blood pressure monitor, I think having both of these machines going at the same time will make my blood pressure rise!! Then back to the hospital the next day to have the BP machine removed, I can't say that they are not looking after me but sometimes it gets a bit too much, at the moment my feet and lower legs are swollen and the water tablets don't seem to be making any difference apart from extra trips to the loo. I am trying my hardest to stay positive but what with the COPD, the sleep apnea and now problems with my heart it is so difficult to stay positive and I think I just have one if those days when I feel a bit sorry for myself.

Well I feel a little better now I have got that off my chest! Take care everyone xx

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  • You will work through it Carroll, I have two more health related issues to add to yours, it is upsetting when one illness after another seems to visit us, but we just have to go through the process to come out the other side making adjustments again and life becomes easier once we adapt and get into the routine of things.

    Glad you feel better after sharing :)

    Best wishes BC

  • Going right direction getting checked out gotta see what your battling the whole thing crap lungs is only the beginning a heap of side effects in the package Better place when the docs have you some answers take care yerself.

  • Hope things turn out well for you Carroll. I care for my husband Pete who has sarcoidosis and copd. He is also to be fitted with a Cpap machine next month because his oxygen levels drop a little at night and cause him to choke. Could also be his breathing I believe. Pete has problems with peeing at night and has, in the past, had prostate ops but he does take a diuretic at the moment that seems to be working. Mind you, sometimes he still pees for England at night but he is being kept a close eye on at hospital. It does get a bit much and sometimes going to hospital all the time can get you down. I am glad you are being well cared for though and wish you lots of luck for the future. Take care. xxxx

  • Welcome Carroll.

    I used a CPAP machine for a while but my wife told me I was sleeping worse with it than I was without.

    The problem I had with it was dry moth and throat every morning it felt like I had been boozing every night of the week without the fun of actually getting drunk.

    I am now thinking I should return and get back on CPAP with a hydration bottle fitted to keep me moist.

    The CPAP can help with your breathing and the water vapour will help with removing the phlegm.

    I know the mask is a real hassle to get used to but it`s worth the effort.

    Good luck to you.


  • Stay positive at least you are getting great medical care - we seem to have to fight for my husband. Take good care TAD xx ps a friend uses a cpap machine swears by it!!

  • Hi Caroll, I have had sleep apnea for about 5 years, I tried the Cpap machine with different masks, but just couldn't cope with it, I felt as though I was being suffocated. The other option I was told about was to go to my dentist and get a dental splint made. It was not cheap, but at least I can tolerate it better than the Cpap. Hope this is of some help.


  • Hi Caroll. My Husband has a C Pap machine for sleep apnoea and the difference is amazing. I left him asleep in a cafe one day as he was always going to sleep whenever he sat down. He used to snore enough to make the house shake and he would stop breathing lots of time during the night. They told him after going to a sleep clinic that he had it very bad. Please persevere with the machine you will eventually feel so much better. My Husband took to it straight away. X

  • I have used my CPap for 4 years now and the difference it made to my life was tremendous. You do get used to it and you days are much better. Keep going

  • Hi Carroll, if you have Sleep Apnea and use the CPAP machine it is important if you go into hospital particularly for surgery, that you take your machine with you, as normally hospitals don't carry this sort of equipment. It is important that they have it to hand for you. This is the info that I was given anyway.

  • I was told particularly under and after anaesthetic apneas can occur more frequently and will cause concern. One would think that hosps have the equipment, however,as we know they are having to make cuts everywhere. Take care xx June

  • Hi Stitch, yes I agree with you. I first went to see a consultant about my constant cough and he told me I had mild Bronchiectasis. I was always so tired with not much energy and if I sat about I was always falling asleep. The consultant thought I may have sleep apnea so he referred me to the sleep clinic. Since then I feel i get little help regarding my cough

    He did say if it troubled me more i should get my doctor to refer me back to him. The thing is every two or three weeks my cough is quite bad and mucus discoloured but the docor just says no infection. Maybe that is what Bronch is like but I just don't know. Hey Ho little knowledge no knowledge eh. Take care xx June

  • Did you go in to hospital to have your sleep apnoea test I went to see a consultant who said I could have this and is going to run some tests.

  • Hi Onamission, I had my test done at home. I had to wear a small clip on (thing) on the end of my finger during the night which measured what was going on. After that reading was assessed I was sent home with a CPAP machine which I had to use for one month. When I returned after the month they read the memory card taken from the machine and could see everything that happens with my breathing during sleep. I now have a CPAP machine permanent. June

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