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Sorry for repeat (1st time user)

I'm not sure if this should be question or post so have added to both.

My friend has chronic bronchitis, no spleen and leukemia. He want to talk to someone who has cb without a spleen to see what meds they have been given. He then needs to check these with his gp to see if they clash with his chemo. His gp says all he can have is antibiotics but he's suffering. The acute bronchitis makes eating difficult and he has a problem with his leukemia which is making it impossible to eat. He doesn't have a pc x

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So sorry to hear about your friend, its difficult for anyone to advise except a medical professional, but I do hope your friend can talk to someone who has cb without a spleen, even then each patient's medical history is likely to be different and their own medical advisers will treat the patient according to their patient's medical history and the current medical problems the patient is experiencing in accordance with treatments already undergoing. Its a science with medications when there are so many drug interactions and treating several conditions as your friend is dealing with at this time is likely to be tailor made to suit.

Some of things your friend may want to consider:-

- joining groups from the 3 main health problems separately. Patient's GP may even be able to advise of groups in the area for support.

- for the eating difficulty your friend could ask the doctor about nutritional drinks* and maybe ask for a referral to see a nutritionist to help cope with the difficulties eating. ( I am sure the specialising consultants could also advise. )

Its difficult when undergoing chemo to know what to do with regard to boosting the immune system to help combat the treatment side affects but at the same time not to interfere with that treatment, allowing for a higher success from the treatment. I do feel those giving the treatments that may be causing the problem should be the ones to speak to and converse with concerning other medications etc.

- Drinking plenty of water will help with thinning the mucus if he is having difficulty coughing that up.

*smoothies, meal replacement drinks, complan etc, but please speak with the doctor, these things are not meant to replace solids but do help with maintaining nutrition when a patient can only eat small amounts of solids, this would be where the nutritionist may help also.

- perhaps consider phoning the BLf helpline click on the red balloon top right for contact details. Helpline is open 10am to 5pm normal working week days.

I am wishing your friend some feeling better days and help with coping with the difficulties experienced at this time.

Best wishes BC


Thank you so much for your kind words. He has exhausted all avenues medically. The nurse on here suggested a honey which he will try. Every little helps eh? He has supplement drinks and I suggested liquidizing foods which was a no go. I shall make some batches of soup up for him.

He's a very private person and would much prefer a one on one conversation with someone in his position, which of course the doctors can't do, I will suggest a support group next time or maybe see if we can get him online. Thanks again x


I think any little encouragement is a good thing.


There is a Health Unlocked for other complaints which might be of some help.


Thankyou lurker man I'll try there too x


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