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Bronchiectasis / Chest Pain (Costochondritis)

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Morning All, I hope you are as well as can be. I am having horrible chest pain, I have an inflamed sternum and my 3rd and 4th ribs have cracked with all the coughing. Feeling flipping awful with this Serratia Marascens infection, have the most awful head and neck pain. Sorry guys, I feel so bad and I just needed to get it of my chest - pardon the pun! I never feel very well these days and some people just don't get it, in fact they I am putting it on cause I don't look ill. Feeling yucky on 1000mg Ciproflaxacin and 500mg Azithromycin along with all my other meds. Like most of you Bronchiectasis is not the only condition I have. Do you always feel ill and under the weather with Bronchiectasis?

L A xx

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LesleyAnne, my heart goes out to you. I too have bronchectasis and several other lung conditions and it ain't an easy ride. The pain in your sternum is hard to put up with at times but I am fortunate not to have cracked ribs. I i have being going through quite a long period of feeling unwell but I am sure this will pass as it will for you two sweetheart. Take care of yourself meantime and know you are not alone! M xx

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LesleyAnne in reply to Mocarey

Thank you for your kind words. Although it's nice not to feel alone, it makes me sad that someone else feels this way. Keep well. X

Sorry your feeling so rotten babe I know its hard coping with this illness as you say most of the time we look well. Have a nice warm drink and cuddle up with someone even if its only a teddy be thinking of you.

Thank you. X

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Hi Lesley Anne!

Sorry to hear you are not feeling the best,& no wonder,I remember having cracked ribs,couple of years ago,from coughing,& they certainly were painful.I have Copd though.

Do take care,gentle hug to you xxx

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LesleyAnne in reply to Hidden

Thank you very much xx

Lesley Anne - I feel your pain! I too have bronch and often get chest pains. I've also had cracked ribs several times in the past and it is sooo hard when you know you have to cough to get the gunge up but don't want to. A little trick a physio taught me which has been well used - fold a towel lengthways and wrap it round your ribs, pulling it tight when you are about to cough and it supports your ribs, so less pain. Also, my GP also advises keeping my pain relief well topped up. I'm not very good at this as I don't like taking even more pills but it does work. Check with your own GP about this thiough as you may have problems or meds that that make this a no-no.

I find, with cipro I get worse for the first 4/5 days then I start to feel better, then surprisingly, I have a couple of bad days after I finish the dose.

I fully understand what you say about people not believing you can be bad when you look good. I'm sure lots of people here can empathise. I've had this problem for over 60 years and haven't got an answer for you. I try not to let it bother me.

Good tip, thanks for that. 60 years oh my goodness, my heart goes out to you. Keep well. L A xx

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Hi LesleyAnne - I really sympathise. do you use a flutter I have found that does help a little. Coughing no so violent. Muscodyne helps to thin mucous. I have found since getting the wretched Bronchiectasis that I have what I call a "normal" state. feel generally unwell, no stamina, exhausted, have to sit down do a little etc. Mine is mild so I just do not know how other put up with 60 years of it plus otyher conditions.Still no alternative, I guess. Hope your ribs mend soon. All the best Katie JJ

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LesleyAnne in reply to Hidden

Hi Katie, thank you for your advice regarding the mucus thinner. I am going to talk to my Consultant about that as it is so thick I am gagging (sorry so disgusting!). Yes, I have a flutter and get pat therapy from the respiratory Physio. I guess it must be normal then for us to feel unwell, breathless and exhausted all the time. Time to roll up our sleeves and get on with it!! Keep well. All the best. L A xx

Hi Lesley-Anne

Like happyfeet I have had brinchiectasis for 65 years and more recently asthma and inflam arth and dealing with one is more than enough. It is a struggle indeed. I've had a cracked rib and also costochondritis in the past and can empathise - it's sooooo painful. I hope this heals soon for you. How long have you been on these meds for the Serratia hun - just wondered if IVs are on the cards!

Hope you start to feel as well as can be soon Lesley-Anne.

Love cx

Hi, am on 500mg Azithromycin and on 3rd week of 1000mg Ciprofloxacin but feel no better yet. Got asthma, fibromyalgia, sjogrens, hypermobile joints and other bits and bobs now this on top and I am finding it all a bit much. However, when I read about many of you on this forum I am in awe of you and how you have such a marvellous attitude to it. All the best, L A xx

It must be so draining for you LesleyAnne. Whilst discussing mucus thinners with your consultant you might also want to ask if he/she thinks nebulising saline or hypertonic saline would benefit. It draws fluid into the lungs and helps to loosen up the gunk. You might also want to ask physio about an acapella (physy might even let you have one,) otherwise they cost about £50 and the one they seem to use at hospital is the Acapella Choice. The flutter you can now get on prescription from your GP.

Gentle healing hugs


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jhall4 in reply to cofdrop-UK

Hi Cofdrop,

I have Costochondritis, both Costosternal and Costochondral. I have never had a broken bone. I was just wondering, which was worse for pain, Costochondritis or the cracked rib you had?



Hi Jill

Both things are incredibly painful but the pain of a broken bone is quite different to that of costochondritis.

With the cacked rib it was sharp pain, especially on movement. They don't do anything with them nowadays and you just wait, taking pain killers until the pain gradually fades. I have found though there is now a general weakness as if I am too vigorous with physio then it will start to hurt in that area.

Wth costochondritis I found sometimes whilst walking I could just not walk any further for the pain. I would hate to have it again, it's a horrid pain and I have every empathy for you and hope you feel better very soon.

love cx

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