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I had pneumonia pleurisyand then diagnosed asthma 19 years ago. Untill last four years no problems but each autumn ive had chest infections needing five courses antibiotics and steroids. Was referred to chest dr last may he gave me actovent inhaler and montekulast tablet i also have seritide and salbutamol. Im well during summer but no matter what autumn knocks me out. Ive been off sick since beginning of december back to see gp on 28 jan . I have asked gp for second opinion chest dr as i have no faith in him he knows im worse in winter but didnt want to see me till may this year!! With view to discharge me ....why im still same ...anyway im going to see someone else but what is it i need to ask. Im fed up four Christmases ruined im house bound as no energy agony to breathe i was also diagnosed in april with rheumatoid arthritis ....which chest dr said i couldnt have ...told rheumy and she was furious. Help im so down i feel i only have six mnths life ...i eat healthy drink little i used to exercise with trainer until this i also have two horses which i only ride in summer due to this . Please any help

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  • Ask to be referred to a respiratory specialist to find out exactly what's going on, then hopefully you can get the right medication. In the meantime ring BLF helpline they will be able to answer your questions, I know it can be really depressing but people on here know how you feel it's so frustrating.

    Good luck keep us informed.

    Kim xxxxx

  • Hi tigershay1 you have been very lucky now you have found this site. You'll get lots of advice and support here, it's great, very kind and friendly people!! As kimmy59 said you need to see a specialist and get on the right meds. Ring BLF they're great I called them when I was diagnosed with copd I got a calm very informative nurse that called me back, a lot of good advice. They will be others soon who'll give you tips so pls don't worry. Ask lots of questions and get lots of rest. Some chat on here in the late hrs when they can't sleep so you won't be alone. Take care let us know how you get on. I'm only feeling good today because the support and advice on here. Xx

  • Thanks ...hopefully wont be long . My gp has mentioned Copd and bronchiactisis . I have no problems in summer very odd im also on sulfasalazene naproxin and a tummy drug begin with lanz ...for my rheumy tganks x

  • Hi tigershay

    Did your gp say the resp consultant had actually diagnosed copd and bronchiectasis or did he just mention them as a possibility. Did consultant give you a ct scan?

    I have non cf bronchiectasis, asthma and inflammatory arthritis. I have tried sulfasal but as with many other drugs can't tolerate them.

    Regarding your bronchiectasis if that is what you have, you need to check out your respiratory consultant has a special interest in cf/bronchiectasis, either on your local hospital site or by name on Dr. Foster.

    I can only let you know what I would be asking if the dx was bronchiectasis. I assume your cough is productive since you are on mutekulast. If this is the case you need to be referred to a physiotherapist to teach you the various techniques and gadgets to help you get rid of any gunk - if it's left in your lungs it will become infected. I would expect a full lung function test and a ct scan if you haven't had one already. You might also want to ask about prophelactic antibiotics, that is a drug like Azithromycin 1 three times a week. This is not a treatment dose but folks on them report fewer infections. Unfortunately I can't tolerate these either (wish I could as I am colonised with a pain in the but bug which is too cosy in my lungs.

    Write all your concerns and queries down but keep it really short - bullet points - or you will find you get lost.

    Good luck


  • No ive not had scan only xrays and what he said but my gp has mentioned this to me as shes not convinced it is asthma ...will have to wait till i get my second opinion appointment. Think chest dr ive been seeing is at little hospital more for managing than diagnosing i am cross as ive lost four xmases and months of my life

  • No point in going into great detail asking loads then until cons has completed all his tests and come up with a diagnosis. Good luck with your consultation. Let us know how you get on. cx

  • I totally get how frustrated you feel. Same here, I've lost at least 6 Christmas' and 1/3 to 1/4 of my life in the last few years.

    There is hope for improvement though, once you get someone who knows what they're talking about and gets you a CT scan plus all the lung tests to see if you have asthma as well.

    Good advice from Cofdrop xx

  • If you have bronchiectasis, Autumn is a bad season, when people start having cold. I have Bronchiectasis and every Autumn I have a serious infection. This time I had pneumonia and a touch of TB.

    if you do cough up, have a sample of the gunk analysed. To do this, you ask at your surgery for a sputum pot with form. They will send this to the lab. The microbiologist will determine which bug you have and usually which antibiotics you need to take. The consultant can assess you and follow you up. You can ask for a consultation before the Autumn sets in and tell your concern

  • Hi,tigershay1, I too had pleurisy then pneumonia twenty years ago and was diagnosed with asthma, although bronchiectasis was mentioned, as well as COPD. I was signed off by the consultant years ago. I have been treated for numerous chest infections and have a productive cough.

    Have you had any allergy tests? If your condition is worse in the winter could house dust be to blame I wonder as you spend more time inside.

    Or as you get worse in the autumn could it be a mould allergy.

    Montelukast should help though.

    Best wishes

  • Hi no not had allergy tests or ct scan ...to be honest chest dr did the breathing tests which i havent got results he said they wete to be expected by a woman my age!! Then he prescribed me montekulast and atrovdent ....no explanations nothing he even said that he cant stop me getting infections im in the wrong job!! I know he cant but surely find out what ive got and give me a plan instead of me having to flee by seat of my pants guessing . Xrays were clear ive just had one last week which ill see gp on monday for results meanwhile im waiting for an appointment at a bigger hospital. My daughter has same as me but is all year ill so im wondering if therez a genetic thing . Feel very lost in this system thanks for your advice xxx

  • The consultant, I'm sure, will do all the necessary tests. Be prepared for them to take some time to complete - you may not get a decision until all results are in - could be a few months.

    I was fed up with my consultant at the local hospital who mis-read the severity of my condition and my GP sent me to a more dedicated consultant who has been great. She's not cured me! but I feel in safe hands going forward.

    We need to fight our corner to get the best treatment. Velvet gloves though - angry demands can work against you!

  • I can't understand why your chest doctor said you can't have RA??? What is he basing that conclusion on??? I agree with everyone else on here in that I think your problems are being mismanaged by your chest doc. I have RA, and Bronchiectasis. You need to be referred to a different chest consultant so you can have a CT scan to rule out Bronchiectasis or confirm it, so you can get the right treatment. Sending best wishes.

    Kath xx

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