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Is it yes:

is it no:

which way will the pendulum go?

Backwards; forwards;

left or right?

Spinning round to show my plight.

Is it love:

is it fame

or untold riches for me to claim?

Turn a card;

toss the dice;

trust to fate or pay the price.

Read my palm;

scan the stars;

Venus is aligned with Mars.

Am I trapped

or am I free?

Just what is my destiny?

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THat reminds me of a way to find the sex of your unborn baby which was popular years ago. Ring on a length of cotton over the "bump. If it spun M/F or back and forth M/F - cant remember which. Liked the verse.


Lovely yet again. :) x

Yes, forwards, right, love and free. That sounds good to me!


Scrobbitty, you almost wrote a little poem yourself there. xx


Lovely free thinking destiny can have so much waiting to be discovered turning the pages of discovery.

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Thanks, I enjoyed reading that. x


Like it. Am I trapped or am I free? I'm free.

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What is our destiny. Nobody knows. X


lovely verse poemsgalore, no one knows what destiny holds. Hope you are keeping well.

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And then, the string of the pendulum breaks!

I used to be attracted to the pendulum, but it is more wishful thinking and projection of these wishes into an uncertain future.

it may be fun, but careful not to follow on closely, because we are in hcarge of our destiny more that it is in charge.

I find it easier to be under the influence of God rather than a [iece of stone attacjed to a string.