I get tinnitus every now and then , from what I`ve read about it i suppose mine is a mild form of it,. but ,it is awful , through the day is not too bad but at night I cannot sleep properly . can any one re ccomend some nice soothing music I can down load to an mp3, I did have a great cd called reflections but it`s gone missing . any help would be great ,thanks for any and all replies

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Wondering what advice your GP could give you. I would try googling it to see what turns up. I had a mild form of it once following a cold, but it disappeared on its own - bliss. Good luck.

Hi I suffer from tinnitus a symptom of the Meniers desease which has left me deaf in 1 ear also. The tinnitus now comes and goes but I find it to be worse when I am stressed and music you enjoy is probably best to take your mind off it as it seems thinking about it makes matters worse. I have had it for 50yrs now so theres no escape unfortunately.

I have tinnitus too and do sympathise. Mine is not as bad as some in that it is like a tank in the loft filling up and is a hissing kind of sound all the time. It is always worse at night but I have just learned to live with it. I use earplugs because of hubby's snoring and that makes the tinnitus worse somehow. I do understand that some people like music but I am not one to listen to anything at night. You can always look online or ask for help from your GP. I do wish you lots of luck and all the best to you. xxxx

Yes imelda16 I have meniers and also deaf in one ear, I'v been like this for 30 years now, just have to learn to live with it.

I hope are well.

I noticed that it is a side effect of one of the many pills and potions they give me, drives me mad sometimes.

Hi Whit, yes as others say Tinnitus is, unfortunately, something we have to live with, however, sometimes sharing other peoples experiences and ideas often helps us all in one way or another. I have had tinnitus for years now, left with me after a really heavy cold. My condition becomes so much worse when I am stressed or tired and it can drive you barmy if you let it. I find that listening to music does help tremendously, however, it needs to be done through earphones. Personally I particularly like to listen to The Feel Good Collection by Fridrik Karlssson; my favourites are Peace of Mind and Total Tranquillity (music to promote tranquillity and peace - not a sales pitch). I actually first heard these in a beauty salon. I guess other artists also have this type of music but I haven't tried them as I stick to the ones I've got. I hope this is useful to you. Best wishes June

I`ve listened to some of his music ,sounds like it is what I am after

That's good whit anything is worth a try. I too have hearing aids and yes its true for me; when I wear my aids it takes away the tinnitus sounds. Lurcherman I've not heard of the iLoop I'm going to have a look on the RNID website. Take care June

I have had a form of tinnitus for the last 6 years since hospitalisation which left me all but stone deaf.

In my left ear I have the sound of being on the Piccadilly Line and in the right a sound like a neighbour with the TV up too loud, 24/7 for ever !

This gets extremely loud and coupled with the deafness and having to wear headphones to listen to my TV etc it is all very wearing, it sometimes seems more like my head is tuned into a radio station that I cannot turn off.

They used such processes as torture in the past, but nobody at the hospital shows any interest !

I also have tinnitus 24/7 - have had it for over 10 years. It started when I had a really bad ear infection which lasted over a week. Following that I was also diagnosed with Meniere's disease and I'm always lightheaded and suffer from vertigo.

I use hopi ear candles in the hope that it would get better, and although soothing and relaxing, the tinnitus doesn't go away.

Regarding music, I haven't any advice, but I have learnt to live with it and most of the time I don't hear the ringing. If it gets bad and I can't sleep, I have a number of apps of natural noises that can help, worth giving them a try:

Endless Beach

Infinite Storm

Sleepmaker Rain

They are all free on the iPhone. Not sure about Android.


My GP advised me to put my radio on very low, and tuned slightly off a station. I never tried it as I thought it would keep my husband awake, so I don't know if it worked.

I suffered badly with Tinnitus until I got my digital hearing aids, I still get it occasionally, mainly when I'm stressed!!!

It is the Audio equivalent of an amputee having an itchy leg. The brain doesn't get any reaction from the ears so it shakes them up a bit to see what happens and the result is Tinnitus so music is good to assure the brain all is well.

You can do a free hearing test on the telephone and you can get the number on the RNID website.


I am industrial deaf and have the digitalised aids ,they help through the day ,but not at night when I`m trying to sleep

Mine was Industrial to start with but it's turning more to age related.

I don't know if you know but they do a personal Loop which you wear around your neck called an iLoop on the RNID website, quite expensive, around £40 but you listen to music through your hearing aids so you can hear it properly. I also have a full Loop in the front room for watching Telly, they go around £100 but a good investment if you like music etc.

Just had a quick look on their website and they do a Tinnitus pillow or pillow speakers to help during the night.


i have a pillow but it keeps the boss awake,so I use an mp3 player with relaxing music on low volume, which helps a little .I find some one narrating a story also helpful

i pad with downloaded music on it does the same job, and not as bulky as speakers in the pillow.

my husband has this he works all over the world in noisy factories and when he was young he always had his music blasting out of the car still does from time to time it also effects his sleep

Hi whit, I had tinnitus in both ears for years, one is a fairly loud hiss in the left ear; the other is a low hum which seems to disappear. At the moment, my left ear is blocked. it seems to make the tinnitus louder. although it goes on all the time, during the day I hear it less. of course, now you mentioned it, I hear it very powerfully.

My wife, who was an audiologist, told me that the NHS advises to listen to a white noise.

I don't listen to anything and get on with it. the brain, I think, learns to obscure it partly, even when it is strong. but I know some people have it really loud. There are some research, but the GP is the best to tell you, You can be referred to an audiologist who will make tests. I don't know what they do since I have never been tested! Worth asking.

I am seeing my audiologist next week , she is a new one (old one was a waste of space) so I hope she can recommend something

Dont hold your breath Whit.

I have a white noise app on my mobile phone which really does help and I have bought a surf sounds machine which I religiously depend on at night. Im sure if you google it you will find a suitable one. But I swear by it.


Where did you get the surf sounds machine from sarojbahia ??

check the Amazon music site, they have loads on there, ask the site for white sound music. You will have to purchase with your debit card and become a member, but its not at all expensive. Hope this helps. regards Malk.

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