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8 hours agoLittleht3Newbie 1 reply

Hi, I have recently been diagnosed with copd after months & months of constant chest infection, antibiotics & generally unwell & feeling ill. Im reading as much as I can about this condition until I learn more regards to how to live/deal with it & best way forward.

I had a ct scan which I get the results on wed from the consultant. He was unable to do any breathing tests last week as I had nothing to give as breathing wasvstill so bad so may try them again this week although not sure what this entails? I am currently on a 3 week course of steroids so am hoping to feel better after this...... will I be back to my normal self? Im struggling to understand why I feel up & down. Ok one min then chest hurts & beathing bad the next?! I dont know what brings on this change so quickly? My throat & mouth constantly are so dry also. 

Anyway, sorry to go on but any advice is gratefully accepted. You learn the most from talking to others with the same/similar conditions.



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You have done the best thing coming here. There are a lot of helpful members and they will be along soon with advice for you I am only mild but I have one little tip I also suffer with a dry mouth so I keep a pkt of mints with me and suck when needed. Try to keep cheerful there are people on here who care.


You poor thing. Most of us have been there too so understand how you are feeling.

You will learn lots here to help yourself.

It's good you've had a CT scan so that from Wednesday you'll get the right treatment to manage what ever diagnosis you receive. Hold on until then and we can also better support you too.

Ask your consultant for a referral to Pulmonary Rehab, PR. Very important, you'll be taught to improve stamina, breathing techniques plus there are talks to help you understand lung conditions.

Welcome BTW, be patient until Wednesday, good luck xx

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Hello and welcome glad you found us. I would give the BLF helpline a call maybe when you have your CT scan results they can answer all your questions they are wonderful. But everyone on here are great we all help each other.

Good luck

Kim xxxx


Hi Helen, I answered your post in questions.

Welcome here and I am keeping fingers crossed for your CT scan results on Wednesday.

Very best wishes BC


welcome Helen

good luck with the results of your ct scan

please ring the BLF number for advice


Hi Helen welcome , after your CT scan things should be much clearer as to the cause of your chest problems, results are much quicker in these days of electronics, good luck on Wednesday hope to see you again for advice.


Hi Helen and welcome to the best and friendliest site on the web.

You have to stay as positive as you can and don't fall into the rut of thinking that you need to sit about because everything you do gets you puffed out! Getting puffed out is good because it opens the tubes up and that will help in the longer term. Sips of water or sucking mints, as Cocksparra says, will help with the dry throat also try breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth when you're puffed as this will moisten the air a bit.

Keep pushing the Professionals until you get all the answers to your questions and good luck x


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