Not for those easily grossed out ANY one know what this coughed up lung tissue is

Not for those easily grossed out ANY one know what this coughed up lung tissue is

I have tryed looking on net and am not sure if its some form of fibrosis or honeycombing.

Am sure its not emphysematous bullea or emphysema as all the holes are to close to each other.

And if it was normal why is it not the bottom section of lung tissue sample same as top.

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I think you are going to far with pictures like this, things randomly gathered from the net are not relevant and could be frightening to some members.

Well it tough then init ... I did issue warning .. and who said lung diease was nice.

More importantly who says what go's and what doesn't you a dont think so

We have enough of censorship from government and there are those that are interested in mechanics of lung disease.

A dont force my post on anyone ... am asking a serious question looking for answers as like do others after all it is a lung group

any lung condition is not pleasant .nor any diseases really,but any up dates are always welcomed ,we wont learn if we are kept in the dark,,cant help you on the problem but I didn't find it

Hi thanks .. Is very inportant too me .. looking at pic and holes from my understanding the surportingmaterial round the holes is what they class as fibrosis i.e Plumary Fibrosis or Intestanal lung disease a think thats why i am asking as my doctors will not say nothing but as i have asbestos claim am fighting is very important to me

Cheers thanks

I googled this for asbestos,08000 588 997,private lab to send your samples to,one sample 25 pound,cornerstone environment,could be more labs on the net,hope it helps,xxx

Hi twiceshy3 cheers have been up that road but my lung doc would not confirm if i had any findings of abestosis or pulmary fibrosis so know solicatior is intersted unless diagnosed with asbestosis

Hi thanks for trying to help .. Was in contact with lab private and thay said could not test human matrial on health grounds only nhs could .. Surpose thats this back water country for you .. even if thay did my docs govermeant would not reconise it or them ... proberly becouse the not part of old boys network

Anyway cheers thanks

Hi Daz, I have no idea what that is but it surely does not look healthy. Sorry I can't help.

Hi toci cheers ... have asked my doctors and thay say nothing WELL a think the sticking together so a cant do that doctor who said i was fine.

What is it doctors say don't tell them nothing and then cant do nothing


Can't the BLF advise at all?

Daz is it worth you taking a sample to a private hospital I know it would cost you but well worth it if you can get a name to go with your lung problem. A private hospital will not hide anything so if your lung condition was caused by asbestos they will state this in a report I really feel this is your only way people these days are to scared to come out and say what has caused these lung conditions for fear of having to go to court and then we have the big compensation claim I strongly feel if it is asbestos then you should be compensated. Google private hospitals in your area and ring them see if they have a lab most private hospitals will let you pay instalments.

Hi Daz, I don't know what this image indicates but I am not sure it is ok to be coughing up lung tissue as you do, I feel sure this is something that should be investigated by the medical professionals as to why you keep coughing up lung tissue and what this may indicate, I would have thought a sample of what you are coughing up should be analyzed by a professional who can identify what may be happening.

Honeycomb lung is mentioned on the internet and it appears there is connection with bronchiectasis and ILD.

I reckon you could start an art exhibition with your lung tissue exhibits Daz, I am sure many can see beyond gross. ;)

I don't find the image gross at all. Giving warning as you have only shows consideration toward others using the site.

Best wishes in your search for answers BC

Hi Bc cheers yer have been very carefull to get my facts straight b4 posting on here.

A lot of my problems a think is from where i was exposed to asbestos do thay really want world or in my case school kids parents knowing about how bad asbestos was where i worked

Is not unusual to cough up lung tissue or even aspirated food what is not normal is asbestos fibers in it all that is causing infections destruction of my lungs

Cheers all the best

I do feel bad for you Daz, I do hope those responsible are brought to attention and something helpful is resolved for you and for those who have been affected as you have. This is not the sort of thing that should be allowed to be brushed under the carpet.

~All the very best to you Daz

Hi cheers BC yer am not letting anyone away with nothing its not me really a dont care who thay are or what thay do .. My condition is not panic attacts like my x doctor had said to me it was ..I guess i go on as my x gp tried to say i had cancer a surpose when docs blurt that out to you by mistake when not even sat down it would make you look for answers .. yet am still waiting for apology from the B@@@

I would be feeling the same Daz, and I agree its not acceptable to be fobbed off, professionals should be behaving in a professional manner in their role as a medical professional and respecting the life and health of their patients. ~I am so glad you are not still with your x doc. I've had a the same said to me about cancer, its upsetting when they are just guessing, test results revealed it was not the case, but as patients we still have to go through the upset and worry their words cause even when what they say is not the case. I doubt if the B@@@ will ever admit he/she got it wrong. Docs like that need to go to "I am not the B all and end all school"

Fully agree with you there bc

A can rest easy knowing what i cant do karma will do for me

Cheers all the best

Hi Daz

Had you not said it was lung tisssue I would never have thought it was - and to be honest I have seen much worse.

Also having had a quick chat with the nurses here, I don't think that you are coughing up lung tissue. But the only sure way of finding out what it is would be to have it anaylsed at a laboratory. If your GP has concerns he should be referring you to a consultant.

"Honeycombing" ,which is often used to describe damage found in pulmonary fibrosis, can only be seen by xray or CT scan - it's not seen under mircroscopes.

What you are coughing up is juat as likely to be something much less worrying such as food particles.

Daz - if you haven't alreday done so - why don't you call the BLF Helpline and have a chat with one of the nurses - 03000 030 555 - talk through your diagnosis and symptoms.



Hi Mark I would like to belive its just asprated food but that is only a bit of the picture

But befoure a cough stuff up a can and do get lung pain even feel them sticking in my throat.

A know its coming from my lung becouse a cant breath then a use my hypertonic saline to shift it.

Its not all the time an coughing stuff up its a pain the way it affects my breathing .. my lung doc just says its tar from smoking and in all fairness prob is due in part

Only thing a dont like is thay dont have them asbestos fibers sticking in there throat but only go on about my smoking

BLF nurse cleared up any confusion no doubt

Hi arsure cheers there is no confushion.

Hi mark a dont propose to know workings of lungs or even asbestosis but seen this link and thought i would share it .. If you look for paragrath called Macroscopic Features you can read about honeycombing on microscopic leval .

As you can imagine is all very confusing for a lay person but as always appreciate any feed back discussion


Pattern looks crystalline the same as snow flakes not cells from lung tissue in lines well that was my guess worth as much as any unqualified free guess can be. Asbestos is a fibre causing mesothelioma is that what you want to see ?

Please remember that there are ways to disagree and debate an issue without being aggressive and offensive

Scotts a do agree but trying to be smart well no its not happing

Cheers all the best

Would you be so kind as to explain what is not happening and why ?

thank you so much in advance.

Shall I take silence as indicating nothing is or will be happening.

Cheers all the best

The light shines in a certain spot and the rest will be darkened. What is it, anyway, sputum? It looks like an enlargement of some sputum culture. The colour may indicate an infection. I don't know why they look like little pellets!

Hi helingmic cheers ye think you might av something there apparently could be pneumonia but is defo honycombing as holes have square sides indicative of a smoker

I've seen giant pencil shapes, but these were in rocks on the giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland. Impressive too. I don't know if the giant had that kind of lungs!

Hi yer clues in name causeway i.e road path dont think its lungs

road path to the lungs, he,he! But the myth about this is that the giant stepped on it; his next step was on the isle of Man! They are rock formation that seem to sprout from the mountain in the shape of pencils, gaint ones! orange and brown!

Hi cheers am familiar with story yep do look that them .. yep my post might be of intrest one down from reply to mark

Cheers :)

Go on about smoking post giant pencils tops that helingmic

NO PREDNISONE. low dose antibiotic 250 mg taken daily.pred. severely damaged my wife,s immune system,leading to her demise in 3 yrs. antibiotics is the way to success. good luck , dacour

Hi dacour sorry to hear about your wife .. ye luckily i have been having bad reaction with steriods pills thus wil not be taking them again as they give me pneumonia nearly felt like a was drowning .. will insist on antibiotics just sickens me the way my lung doc will say i have chronic lung sepsis that as all clinacal fetures of asbestos but not calling it asbestos well if you know what a mean .. Anyway been in-touch with sepsis trust and been very good

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