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the sun is out and the sky is blue. step out the door its freezing too .

walked out the back door with the dog . that stopped me dead in me tracks could not believe how cold it was .

shortest walk his ever had the wife is going to take him out a bit later . cant believe how the temperature change affects me so much , if its cold I cant breath the same if its to hot . now we is waiting for asda to arrive , my dog goes potty and man takes no notice what so ever wish I was that brave .enjoy your sunday keep on breathing

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Its a damp grey day here in the south, low light levels and low cloud, lots of moisture in the air and heavy rain forecast later. On days like these I prefer to stay inside, just as well have loads of paperwork and tidying to catch up on after my day in the sun yesterday :)

Wishing you and all a happy easy breathing day.

Best wishes BC

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Same here in Lancashire, I can't do with extremes in weather.

Horrible day on the South Coast, much like BC says, and starting to drizzle now. It does feel cold and Pete has been out briefly but the cold affects his breathing too so better off indoors. You take good care of yourself tobydoo and looking forward to warmer days. xxxxx

Raining heavy here wishing I could go and tuck myself up in bed but no such luck. Dreaming of the summer walks on the beach and eating ice cream.

Hi Tobydoo. The cold got to my Husband yesterday. That's why we decided to stay in today. It won't be too long before the weather will warm up. We look forward to that. X

very damp here in surrey yesterday - my partner was really breathless all day. the weather seems to have a big impact on his breathing and general wellbeing.

Been bright in Kent for a couple of days but very cold!

Roll on the summer...

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