about muchus & beneifit help

I have ALPHA 1 & COPD But getting so fend up of bad chest and muchus everytime I eat it feel like something there and I start been sick and throw it up and for half hour or more bring lots of muchus up have pills but nothing help because keep getting bad chest and keep have pills for it putting weight on but cannot do nothing about it as have bad legs and arms .plus have to pay every year for all my medication is hard as been on sick for over 2 years on sick which end feb 14 which I cannot cannot get income base they said as husband work but everything he get goes on bills but someone I know get help and her fella work any help please if I cannot get help cannot pay for my medication x Ann

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  • The BLF helpline is open tomorrow morning .... I am sure they could help you. Have you contacted the Citizens Advice Bureau?

    I know how horrible the mucus can be... I have spent most of the night awake listening to my wheezy chest.

    Best of luck

  • thanks I will sorted out tomorrow x

  • Try social services, citizens advice welfare right's you should be on benefit's, best of luck!

  • thanks I will sorted out tomorrow thanks x

  • it sounds as though you are at a low at the moment, if you smoke I would stop!, and if you are gaining weight and not eating you must get your calories with what you drink, I would suggest that you should write down everything you have and go to your GP and talk through your problems and ask him for blood tests for vitamin D and a range of usual tests,

  • thanks got in today started with pains in chest x

  • Hi Angels, has your doc mentioned the possibility of acid reflux? Obviously I can't say if this is what is affecting you, but the symptoms you mention are all those of acid reflux and very many people with copd also have this. You mention having pills for it, but from what you say, they aren't helping enough.

    Unfortunately lots of the medication we have to take for copd exacerbations etc can make reflux worse - particularly some ABs and oral steroids. Nasty vicious circle.

    I hope you get some help - the BLF are great - and things improve. Do post again and let us know how things are going.

  • ok thanks i will do and thanks all for your Advice xx

  • I have just paid £104.00 for a yearly prepaid prescription I'm unable to work I don't get any benefits so I know how you feel but the prepaid prescription is value for money they also do a 3 month one for around £29.00.

  • thanks that what i pay rang everywhere got to c someone about it thanks all x

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