Lets see what can be got out of 30% lung function

Lets see what can be got out of 30% lung function

Its here and I'm putting to good use already. Yes the treadmill has been well and truly tested over the few day's that I have had it.

I've got to say unpacking it, assembling it and taking the packaging to the tip was a major work out in itself but its going to be well worth it, Its bigger than I thought it was going to be and the dining room could do with an extension but hey ho! its my health were talking about here and that has to come first.

When I first stepped on the thing I thought I was heading off to space as the instrument panel looks like its out of the space shuttle or something like.

So far I'm walking at 2.5 MPH for around 30 mins with my oxygen on 6 liters, my heartbeat holds at an average 110 BPM and my sats high80s to low90s which is quite acceptable for me.

I must admit I have enjoyed plodding away with AC/DC blasting away on the CD player, in the comfort of my own home instead of dressing up to venture out in the cold and breathing that icy air down into my complaining lungs.

Yep!, things are on the up for 2014, stay healthy all you healthunlockeders.


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  • Most excellent Tony! Just waiting for some funds to magically appear in my account and then I am ordering one too, for the very reason you did. Hoping to regain all my lost muscles in my legs and open up the lungses too at the same time and all in the comfort and warmth of my own home :) x

  • First you need to get your flying licence and then its time to rob that bank. It'll be interesting to see what happens on my next 6 minute walk test, 2 months away. I wonder if the nurse will be able to keep up. :)

    I'm not missing that cold air at all and because of that I'm sure lots more miles will be covered, everyday I'll be shuffling and puffilin to a little more AC/DC, ELO. Northern soul etc which is so much better than watching my breath freeze before me and listening to my coughing and spluttering. xx

  • Well since our local Health or should I say Wealth Centre is accessed via a windswept car park and is more than a few steps away to the front door, my very own was a must have for 2014. I suspect my puffilin will be a cause for hilarity in my household but I hope to have the last laugh when I whizz (optimism always) on that treadmill. In order to even get to my car I have to negociate 15 open metal steps which when icy or wet are almost death traps so really this treadmill thingy is a bit of a necessity if I wish to survive 2015 LOL :) xx Keep us informed and I will shout when mine arrives!

  • Do you watch dancing on ice, you may get a few tips for those metal steps when its below freezing out there.

    It would be a good thing if we could get a discount on exercise machines, after all it would help to keep us out of hospital and save the NHS a fortune.

    Hurry up scrobbitty and we'll walk ourselves fit through 2014 and as an optimist also we'll be running our way through 2015.

    Tony x

  • Laughed me head off at the Prancing on Ice bit - have almost tobogganed on a couple of occasions. Just been trawling through treadmills on Amazon for my budget - apparently Lego don't do them. Totally agree on the discount for exercise machines, at the very least we should get the V.A.T. knocked off ...........

    Getting all excited now and it takes quite a lot to get me excited! LOL. :) x

  • Just make sure you don't try the headbanger on those stupid steps. Got my treadmill from Argos as it was a good deal in the sales.

  • Checking them out now ........ :)

  • I don't know how far this applies, but you can often get VAT discounted if you are bying a produce for health reasons. You have to sign a declaration that you need it for medical purposes.

    Whether a treadmill would qualify I'm not sure but probably worth checking.

  • Funnily enough I did go checking and as far as I can see, you can only get VAT discounted for equipment used solely for disability so since treadmills aren't I suppose that counts them out. Drat and double drat. :)

  • Bummer :(

  • Good luck to both of you, Tony and Scrobs, in your attempts to keep as fit as you can.

  • Cheers Toci, as you put it, its all about being as 'fit as you can'. Me and Scrobs are going to show you all the way to go. :) xx

  • Thanks Toci, we can goad each other on though I suspect there will be more goading coming from the Tony direction! I am 100% committed though - in all honesty I've got to be! :) x

  • I'll do my best to stitch :) Thanks xx

  • That's brilliant. Keep it up totally agree with not going outside. Shame about the dodgy music. Only joking.

    Kim xxx

  • Its been great to exercise Kim, without having to get kitted up for the weather outside. Trainers, tracksuit legs and a T shirt, its so easy now, with a little dodgy music to take your mind off the pain towards the end of the session. I'm just lovin it :)

  • It looks amazing well done - enjoy xx

  • It makes exercise more fun undine and I'm thinking this is one of the best decisions I have made. We'll see in a few months if there is any change in what I am able to do off the treadmill where it counts.xx

  • Oh my congratulations Tony. Hiding in the corner, hope you can't see me. You are putting me to shame. My lung function is 30% and I have been lazy this year. Not even achieving my 10,000 steps a day. Keep us informed.

  • 10,000 steps a day or close to it sounds like a lot to me. Anyway forget 2013 Suzy, 2014 is another year so get back to the 10,000 steps and lets try and improve our lung function up a few percent. I was on 25% 12 months ago so it can be done.

    Tony x

  • I`ve got a magnetic treadmill. I struck lucky and found it in Nettos quirky bargain aisle a few years ago. It was £70 but does its job and I enjoy keeping tabs of my pace, speed ect. on the instrument panel. I think if I needed one now I would look for a decent second hand one.

    Just wish I had your determination for excercise tho Tony!

  • I don't know much about treadmills and would probably have gone for something a little more compact if I had looked at the dimensions. But now I've got it I'm gonna make the most of it and see where it take me.

    My goal this year is to walk from my house to the top of the Worcester Beacon so maybe the treadmill will get me there. xx Thanks Susie

  • Must admit I like your taste in music.

  • I love music of all kinds PB, Its helped me through some pretty rough times and certainly makes exercise more fun.

  • Hi dallo5 well done I go swimming as I have lower back problems as well as COPD but I did have a go on the treadmill in our local gym all around me were real fit people size 10 running a 100 mph I have to admit I wanted to trip them up but I did enjoy even though I was only doing 2 mph so I'm going to do this once a week after swimming.

  • Hi ona m, I know what you mean about tripping these show offs up. My daughter has just been running on mine at 7.5 miles an hour where I truck along steadily at 2.5 MPH and still look knackered after 30 mins. :) Well done ona m, we can only gain from this can't we.

  • I think I have gained when I gave up the cigs I put loads of weight on and that affected my lungs worse than smoking. I find when I go out in this weather I use a scarf over my mouth so I don't breath in the cold air keep up the good work we will both be a good advert for BLF lol

  • Your right about weight effecting your lung efficiency. After my transplant consultant told me to lose some weight to improve my chances of surviving the operation, I dropped 2 stone and my breathing improved massively. It was the biggest single improvement over the last 3 years and I would recommend to anyone who is a little overweight to lose it if possible.

    Do you think we'll get on the pay roll at BLF if we keep talking ona m.

  • We could job share that would leave us both time to get on our tread mill who knows BLF might have one put in the office for us lol

  • I`ve been thinking! It would be good to have a seperate category on here devoted to excerise where we could post about what we have achieved no matter how small and give each other encouragement. Also, tips ect. What do you think Tony, you could be the `chairman` because you are so good at inspiring others.

  • I may be able to inspire but organising is not one of my strengths. Its a great idea though, maybe we could have a specific day in the week for posting our achievements as I don't know if healthunlocked will give us another category. That way we'll all drag ourselves up to a better place eh' :)

  • Tony, this is a dream! And what a good present your offered yourself. I've seen some people at the gym, taking some weights and run at the same time! . You will really improve in this and you'll be able to wonder off at a high speed after some training. Go easy at first, go faster when you can! God bless!

  • I may leave the weights and running for a long time yet, :) but I'll be plodding along and going for endurance to start with. Thanks helingmic.

  • Good, positive start to a whole new year!!

  • 2014 is going to be another year of positivity and this year the weather can't hold me back! :)

  • Decided to restart learning Portuguese. This is gymnastic of the tongue, due to the weird (to me) pronunciation of the language.

  • The brain is like a muscle anyway so the more you use it the better it works!

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