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My moods are Up Down Up down

Very down today. This chest infection is really dragging me to the depths and now the Practice Nurse after the results of my blood tests tells me to get my cholesterol level down from 5.3 to under 5. Consultant told me in May to eat to put on weight. Seems I can't win. Even on the low fat diet I could never achieve less than 5.2. Have managed to gain 1 st. Now pondering which one to stick with.

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Hi Suzy6, I put it down to post Christmas blues. Would not worry about your cholesterol levels there only borderline. Low fat diets make you lose weight, but improve the cholesterol count. When I was on a low fat diet I was told to drink extra low fat milk to keep my calories up as I did not need to lose weight at that time, if that's any help to you.


Thanks katie, yes it does help greatly. She made it sound life or death importance. I don't really want to lose weight again. As I went down to 6st 12lb and looked dreadful. Thanks for your help.I will have to stay away from chocolate, sweets but especially Danish Blue cheese, which I admit to over indulging on at Christmas.


Hi Suzy6, I was told to bring my cholesterol down.

Was a bit baffled?? I dont have a sweet tooth, and I eat a good balanced diet and, always have.

When I asked, the nurse said my level was 6.9 and 4 .3 and the mmol was 4.

Don't ask what the numbers mean! but I know that the mmol is border line. She explained.............I was told I had a 30% chance of heart attack or stroke..................

I responded...........I also have a 70% chance of not..............

I accepted to go on Simvastatin 20mg as a trial as I have read that it is a good idea for over 50s to be put on statins, and I have just done a blood test to see if it is affecting the function of my liver.

I don`t like just popping pills or ABs just because they are there, and yet again it sounds like the statin can cause problems ( as can any drug ).

My point here: numbers are not always bad or as bad as made out...,and one day I may really need that pill, and, because of over use, may make that pill obsolete as an effective treatment, eventually we could find ourselves in trouble trying all kinds of drugs to kill the wee beasties that could kill us.

Sorry don`t mean to sound doom and gloom.


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No not doom and gloom tomic. perhaps I should have said that to this Nurse but when I'm under the weather I lose my outspokenness. I have just had blood tests for kidney liver glucose FBC and cholesterol all OK except cholesterol. Hope the results of yours is good. I'm not on statins.


Hi Suzy6.Me to picked up an infection I not where as I have only been out 4 times since October first.I opened my rescue pack started amoxillin then my daughter phoned my doctor about my steroids dosage he advised to take 6 a day for 7 days,I have only taken steroids on a reducing dosage so I don't know how it will go .As regards to your cholesterol ,I started taking simvastatin 6 years ago and I don't think I have had any adverse effects . Do you take them?.love Bengunn.xx.


Hi Bengunn no I don't take statins. Oh poor you. The Doctor put me on Amoxicillin 500 but doesn't seem to be doing the trick. No steroids. Course ends Sunday. May have to go back. I have only taken steroids once last January but it was six a day for so many days, forgotten how many days. Hope you start to improve now. Hugs


Hi Stitch.It started oct 1st when went for my 3monthly check up with my oxygen nurse as she was hoping to lower my o2 usage to whatever she could after tests,but because i had come down with a cold she decided to leave things as they were.The following day i had a bad chest infection, took ab and after aweek seemed a bit better.Two weeks later i had another infection so took more ab plus steroids.Two weeks later seemed ok.I couldn,t go to see my new grandson on christmas day as my youngest daughter Krys lives in Cardiff about 40 miles away as i was afraid to risk it.I visited my eldest daughter Clare on boxing day as she lives locally and i saw the baby there and i love him to bits already,his name is Finlay probably will go by Finn.But guess what i caught a chill and picked up another lousy infection and am half way through another course of ab and steroids but feeling a little better today.Another reason i dont go out much is that i live a mile from the south side of the Brecon Beacons national park at about 1500 feet above sea level and in winter the temperature is nearly always about 3 degrees lower than it is further down the valley.Roll on spring.Thanks for your concern stitch you seem a very nice person.Sorry about the long drawn out answer to your simple


Hi Suzy,sounds like a bit of a over zealous attitude to me! If you're happy with your weight etc,I wouldent be worrying to much over the cholesterol.They always seem to have something to nag about,lol!

Do hope you start to feel brighter soon though,not much fun,feeling like that.

Big hug to you,love Wendells xxx


Hi Wendells think you are right about the attitude. I'm very happy with my weight now. Who wants to look like a stick. I think I will just try to moderate the foods that I know I should and forget the numbers and see how it goes.The day is has started sunny, maybe that will cheer me. Hugs xx


Hi Suzy, I have had 4 infections since September and yesterday I was very short of breath and like you felt quite down. Today I feel no better physically but brighter in myself. Sorry to tell you that chocolate and cheese will give you a high then low mood so try to wean yourself of them and just have them occasionally. Don't stress about your cholesterol it's not drastic. Tell your nurse you will address it when you feel better, that should give you some breathing space. Keep your chin up, I hope you feel better very soon.

L A xx


Hi LesleAnne, Is the sun sunny where you are? I feel brighter in myself but no different infection wise. I think it's seeing the sun. I have stayed away from chocolate since Christmas but oh I do love cheese. Will try harder on that. Yes have to see her in 10 days and will give her that reply. Keep your chin up too, keep as well as you can. xx


Goodness Suzy, I think that's a bit harsh of her and pretty picky over 0.3. She must have been having an insensitive or off day.

Do you eat oats? Very good in helping to keep cholesterol down.

Mine is 6.3, down from 8.3 five years ago and it's hereitary high (bad) cholesterol, nothing to do with my diet which has always been extremely low fat, low sugar. Luckily my good cholesterol if high though which is an important factor she should have mentioned.

I reluctantly take 40mg statins from doc plus plant sterols capsule every day (that's what's in those expensive margerines & Benecol stuff which is a total waste of money).

Perhaps you can just cut down on the cheese a bit which is high in fat. Difficult though, it's such a handy snack but others say, your level is borderline.

I have been feeling like you, ill & down but today I'm feeling loads better so a little optimism has crept in and at last I'm looking forward to tomorrow for the 1st time for weeks.

Cut yourself some slack my dear, look after yourself & be patient, it wont be too long before you start to feel better.

BTW my GP told me to take extra Vit C 3 x daily while I'm unwell to boost my immune system.

Peeg xxxx


Yes peeg I have porridge every morning. You are right it is hereditary and I think your liver makes it. Originally mine was 6.9 so I have bought it down. Thanks for the tip I will try plant sterols capsules and Vitc.

Decided to try and cut down danish blue but I have cravings for it.

Giving myself some slack today lazy day with a good book..

Had a much better night last night actually slept first night in days.

How are you feeling today? Take good care of yourself.


Oh Stitch naughty you. I'm trying to give it up. It does sound heavenly. I'm definitely going to try it, just a bite. Will report back.


Have you both tried Dolcelatte & Gorgonzola? OMG it is the best, heaven on an oatcake! Comes in a flatish sealed pack. So creamy & better than chocolate. I bought some for the Christmas cheese board but that particular cheese never made it.

Normally I can't touch it as allergic to mould but what doesn't kill you....... just once in a blue moon as a reward?


My mouth is watering peeg. I must try it.


Good morning Stitch, I forgive you. Pear and Kiwi juice. I love it.


I do to Stitch the nearest I will get to a dog. Being out weekdays from 9 am to 5.30pm decided to have a dog would be cruel to the dog. I believe in never taking on an animal unless you are prepared to give it what it deserves.


Hi Suzy6. I to have had 3 chest infections in as many months. Also have been getting Mouth Thrush with them, which I am told is all the Steroids. At my last check up with the Respiratory Consultant he told me too my Cholesterol was high and try to get it down. I told him I am at Scottish slimmer's and had lost 2 and a half stones since April, that I did healthy eating and a low fat diet , so how am I supposed to get it down. I was told by a nurse friend that as we age our cholesterol rises.(sorry I am not implying that you are old, you could be 20 for all I no, but I am 66 at the end of the month.) As for you and the rest of you that replied, I am so hungry and jealous of you eating all your lovely cheeses that I love. Because of my RA I get an Infusion at the Hospital every 4 weeks, its a Bionic drug and I have to be very careful what I eat. No soft cheeses careful with prawns, chicken must be fully cooked etc. I must admit I had a small amount of Danish Blue on xmas day, oh it was so gorgeous that it was worth chancing it. Enjoy everybody and get well soon Suzy. Cheers Cheryl


Hi Cheryl, spring chicken, I'm 71, 72 this year. Congratulations on your weight lose well done. Yes I have decided not to worry too much but just try to curb my cravings for cheese and chocolate. You have had a awful time lately put me to shame with my moaning. Two chest infections in a year. I am the opposite told to put on weight. Have gained 1 stone in a year. So far keeping it there.Glad you enjoyed your Christmas treat. Happy Birthday for the special day soon.


Hi Suzy6, your not moaning at all, that's why this site is full of sympathetic folk who help each other. Thank you for my birthday wishes, and you take care. Cheryl


hi suzy Don't worry about your cholesterol. We have enough to worry about with poorly working lungs.

I had my heart checked via an angiagram, where they put a camera in the artery in your groin they up to your heart which showed my heart was working normally and there were no problems, they then checked my leg and found I had some narrowing and hardening of the arteries in my lower leg. No probs though but o dear I had high cholesterol levels 6.9 so what. women tend to have higher cholesterol than men and we do need some fat in our diets. I have since changed to semi skimmed milk. but thats about it. you need to keep your bone strength up especially if you take steroids regularly. So having milk and cheese will give you calcium.

I always think having a long term condition is a bit like being on a rollercoaster when you are well you want to fly to the moon ( just get out and do a bit of Shopping) When an infection comes you loose all confidence and worry about the future and what will come of you. I wish there was a bit more stability in between.

Try and get out a bit if the weather will let you even if it is only a drive in a car or on the bus you don't have to walk great distances the change of scene will do you good. Best wishes Irene X


Hi Irene, yes you are right given up worrying will just try to limit chocolate and danish blue. I have been having soya and semi skimmed milk for a few years. I'm sure somewhere I read cholesterol is made in the liver and can be hereditary. It is like a rollercoaster having this. Sometimes I feel I could conquer the world and other times I'm jumpy and fret over everything. Today has been a good day. Thanks xx


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