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Does anyone know the name of the matress type the NHS issue to stop bed sores and such like?

I was issued a matress type thing to stop me getting bed sores or something like that and it is real comfy and I remember when we first got it we knew what it was called but now I have been out of hospital for about three months and got used to the matress type (it's juest a few inches thick) and would like to keep using it but my wife has to sleep six inches lower down than I do as the NHS would only issue a single matress.

If anyone knows what these matress types are called please let me know as I would like to look on eBay to find another single matress of this type or perhaps even a double matress of this type as like I said not only do they help prevent stop bed sores they are really comfortable.

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The hospital I go to have memory foam mattresses Mr.Flicks, but you can get memory foam toppers to sit on top of your existing one, I have one about 2" thick and it's great. I bought this one but unfortunately it's not in the sale now so is £30 more than I paid. Libby x


Hi, have you looked all over the one you have for a label?

You may be able to find out from the Occupational Therapists attached to your GP practice who have the job of providing home aids. P


MrFlicks. So many different mattresses. I know John Lewis do toppers. We bought one but not sure how it could work for pressures sores. Regular turning and massage of reddened areas should be done. But I remember "ripple" mattresses in Hospitals. Worth googling?


hi there don't know if this helps but in our hospital they call them BEARS they fill them with air for the elderly to sleep on and also for post ops to bring up the tempuratures.other than that I found a company in Scotland that makes toppers to order they are all duck down,my OH loved his now I have it,sorry I can't remember the name but google duck down toppers that's how found it. All the best AL


Hi, I was issued with a mattress overlay called Repose. It was to prevent pressure ulcers & comfortable but it was a blow up so this may not be what you are looking for.

Best Wishes, Margaret


The hospitals use an Alternating Pressure Mattress.The air flotes from one cell to another every ten minuets or so, therefor reliveing pressure


Thanks for all the answers peeps and sorry for delay in acknowledging the replies have been busy working on a website design which is taking me longer than I expected for various reasons but I shall look into some of the above but have already tried a few of the suggestions as searches but not had any luck finding what I need though have Physio's from the NHS coming at 1.30pm today for an appointment that was booked that I only found out about yesterday when I was phoned to confirm by their admin/secretarial staff so will also try asking them to see if they know and if they do I shall post about it so others can find out what these really comfy things are called....


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