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HI Everyone I am new here just popped in to say hi

Hi everyone I have just been diagnosed with copd I have been feeling

bad for a long time just been diagnosed and prescribed seebri breezhaler

glycopyrronium bromide, I have very low energy and feel weak is this usual

with Copd and I have started giving up with patches and haven't smoked for 3

days wish I had never started smoking.

wishing everyone a good day

Best wishes


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Congratulations on your 3 days :) keep it up & soon you,l find that your energy levels rise a little,

I,m sure that once your symptoms are under control & any underlying infection has been cleared up you,l soon perk up & feel a little more like yourself, we are all here to listen any time you feel you need an ear, & dont forget to ring the BLF help line, you,l get a great deal of help & support there too,

So Welcome Bobby nice to meet you

Karen ( The Witch) xxxx

hi there welcome to the site yes the low energy and the feeling weak seem to be part and parcel of c o p d i also smoked that was when i found out i had it after i had given up 6 months they did a lung function test, i managed to give up with the champix does'nt suit everybody i have just done my 1st year of the fags wish i had never started, hang on in there and take one day at a time good luck marian xx

Welcome Bobby :)

Don't waste your energy with regrets, look to the future - with careful management you will have a long and better future. Eat well, excercise and knocking the cigs on the head will help towards that. :) x

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Hi have Copd and a giant bullae in my upper lobe and middle and lower lobe compressed by this. Also my left lung seriously damaged -not good. However keep as fit as you can join a breath easy class in your area. Walk as often as you can at your own pace. Do not allow your COPD make you into a couch potato, think positive and you will be fine.


Welcome Bobby,

Congratulations giving up the smokes one of the very best things you can do. Its always more difficult when first diagnosed and it takes a while to make those lifestyle adjustments and work around symptoms, but eventually you will find things don't seem so bad. One of the very best things that will help you manage your symptoms and help stabilise things is a pulmonary rehabilitation course. Ask your GP or consultant for a referral. The link below gives you an idea what PR is all about.


Best wishes BC

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Hi, BC, do you know any thing about KOTK, Look for him each day,

welcome good for you giving up smoking I stopped 9 mths ago best thing I ever did. I don't come on often but will look out for your progress.

Thank you all for the lovely welcome really helpful

as it is so difficult at the moment trying to stay positive

thanks again


Hello welcome to the mad house.

Great advice can't really add anything, one day at a time don't google and pop in and have a chat whenever.

Good luck

Kim xxxx

A very warm welcome to you Bobby. love cx

Warm welcome to you Bobby! You are doing well off the smokes,it will get easier,& hopefully you'll buck up soon.Keep up the exercise & right eating patterns,& hopefully soon,you will notice a difference! Love Wendells xxx

I have Asma, have been given Seebreeze have been told it is knew out, do nt think much of it am i wrong. have just come out of Hospital AGAIN, why r we not getting better with all these things they keep given us. Murielann,

Hi nicolajoan, I was on Spiriva for many years changed to see bri, got even more wheezy, so back on Spiriva.Think its all hit and miss.

Welcome to this site and Well done you, the first three days are the hardest with the fags so you are over the worst now.

Sorry if I bore everyone else but my advice is to get out of breath, on purpose, once a day to give the tubes a workout and eat well and stay positive!!

Ps you won't find a better site for good advice than this one, Cos everyone on here has been through what you are going through AND came out the other side!!

Thanks everyone for the lovely welcome and excelent advise still not smoking

but not such a good day today done some exersises though.

thanks Again.


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Take each day as it comes Rubberman.

Some days you're the hammer and some days you're the nail!!

Just don't hit yer thumb x

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Thanks Lurcherman had me laughing. Sorry to butt in.

Hi welcome and WELL DONE stopping the cigs! :-) lots of good advice here. Nice peeps. X

Thanks Again I am struggling but getting there I have been

snoke free for nearly a week now is it usual that you get a

lot of lung pain while trying to give up smoking as have had a

bad day today

wishing everyone a good day


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