My mum has just had a tracheostomy done to help her breath since she has been diagnosed with ARDS and her lungs are very bad. The nurses are turning her every few hours and changing the way the ventilator is assisting her breathing. I am hoping so much that this will help her as she has been sedated for the last 3 weeks due to the oxygen tube being down her throat. It is all scary for me and so worrying for our family. I just wish there was something we could do as all we seem to do is wait and worry. Has anyone else had a tracheostomy when they had ARDS

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  • Yes, I had a tracheostomy last year. I had pneumonia but I`m sorry I don`t know anything about ARDS. I was kept sedated in icu for two weeks. My poor son and daughter were frantic with worry and I and can`t remember anything about it until I woke up in the ward and by this time they had taken all the tubes out. Its traumatic for everyone concerned but your mum is in the best place and getting the best care. Don`t worry when she comes round and isn`t her old self for a while, its because of all the drugs she has been given. Wishing you all well. xxx

  • Hi Susie ARDS is Acute Respiratory Distress syndrome which causes inflammation of the lungs and then causes the lungs to stiffen and making it more difficult to breath.

    Originally my mum went into hospital to have a replacement aortic valve and now there are complications and the heart is now ok but everything else has taken a turn for the worse. now she has ARDS and slight renal problems so far and has been sedated for the last 22 days. I can only hope and pray that things will get better.

    Thank you so much for your message it is very much appreciated.


  • I am so sorry that your Mum is so ill - I cannot offer you any advise but didn't want to just read your post without leaving a message of support. Perhaps the BLF helpline could help (click on the red balloon in top right). With kind thought, much love and wishing your Mum a speedy recovery. TAD xx

  • Thank you very much for your guidance it is much appreciated x

  • So sorry to hear about your Mum,it must be awful for you all,do hope things improve soon.

    I'm not much help,but do hope others will jump in.Susie understands about it,& hope you found her post of her experience of

    Some help.Like Tad,I just wanted to acknowledge your post,

    contacting the BLF is a start.Can you ask for a family meeting at the hospital? Not sure how it works,in the UK.

    All good wishes to you all,do hope Mum takes a turn for the better,Love Wendells xxx

  • Hi Wendells Thanks for your reply it is much appreciated and really does help me. Unfortunately it is just a waiting game for us at the moment waiting on a daily basis to find out if my mum is any better. Today she had to be put on dialysis so another worry for us but we will have to wait and see what tomorrow brings. x

  • Oh dear,my heart goes out to you all.Do hope a new day brings better news.hugs,love Wendells xxxx

  • So sorry to read about your mum unfortunately I'm not able to help but feel the same as the others didn't want to not reply so wishing your mum all the very best and you. I hope you can try and get some good sleep and eat healthily to help you stay strong. Hugs and xxx

  • Thanks Jeannaanne for your kind words these are much appreciated

  • Hi Fiona...sorry to know your Mum is so poorly just now.

    Not with ARDS but following a severe asthma attack 6 years ago to the day I went on to develop Pneumonia and Septicemia and was put in an induced coma. I could still hear at times and felt the touch of loved ones so I'd say talk quietly to your mum and comfort her as best you can Was on life support in the ICU and had to be resuscitated twice and eventually had a tracheostomy. It is very hard for family and loved ones also but the doctors have the skills at hand to help even in the most difficult circumstances. I hope this is so for your mum and wish her well. Lovelight x

  • Hi thanks for your message it means a lot to me to hear that there is a chance that she may recover. The doctors have now advised that she has a slight renal problem and has put her on dialysis. The waiting is the worst and so worrying for my dad and brother. I appreciate your response to mine though and it does help to get through this difficult time.

  • Sorry can't offer any advise, except to hope things improve for you and your family and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Like the others I can't offer any help but just wanted to send you a hug and I will pray for your mum.

  • I had a tracheotomy about 6 years ago when aged 68 after being rushed to hospital with breathing problems. Woke up in I/C only to find that I was now both deaf and dumb, spent a month in there where they fitted me with a voice-box before discharging me to the wards (I am still almost stone deaf and use two hearing aids) where I managed to pick up M.R.S.A. of the sputum to go with my C.O.P.D. which makes life a bit difficult at times.

    It left me pretty weak for a month or two - had to sit down to wash or shower - but apart from this have made a good recovery, though breathing problems are now a bit worse.

    Hope that things go well for your mum, they made us pretty tough in those days!

    Best wishes to you all, Brian.

  • Do you still have to use the voice box? The pulmonologist said they may have to give me a tracheostomy rather than intubation the next time so I want to know what to expect.

  • Yes I do, drd4, but I am not sure if it is necessarily always the case that you will need one or if it was just something that did not go quite right with a 'rushed' emergency procedure.

    In any case it was a very quick, simple process and I have had no problems with it at all !

    Best of luck with your treatment, Brian.

  • Thanks.

  • Hang in there hun, yr mum really is in good hands, my son is living proof on how amazing the medical profession are, my so. Was born with congenital heart defects, and had 5 corrective open heart surgerys, he is 16 now first op when he was one week old, he's as fit as a fiddle now, never gets a cold and above all he's very happy in himself, I can relate to the worry u are going through, but remain positive as I'm sure yr mum will be fine. Thinking of u all

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