Viral infection

Hi. I went to GP on Monday and he said I have a viral infection and he gave me antibiotics for 5 days , finishing them tomorrow. I have been coughing very violently and there is a gurgling sound in my upper respiratory/throat and I can't get my breath when coughing so much, not coughing up much, green phlegm in the mornings, but thick white later In the day (sorry a bit too much info). Is this part of the viral infection or something else? The bubbling in my throat when coughing is very scary as I can't get my breath, any ideas?


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Hi Titchy. Maybe you ought to go back to your GP. The weekend is coming and you don't want to get any worse then. X

Thanks Mavery, will ring gp tomorrow,


I'm surprised that your doctor gave you some antibiotics, as this does not cure a viral infection.

Can you ask him to do a sputum test. spit the green stuff in the sputum pot and have it analysed. If it is green , it's an infection (usually bacterial) this will determine what sort of bug you have.

Hi Titchy, make sure you drink plenty of water to keep the mucus thin so you can cough up more easily.

After you have finished the course of ABs and you are still having green mucus am, go straight back to the doc and get your lungs heard again. You may need a longer course of ABs.

Viral infection with lung infection could well be, but only your doctor can really confirm this.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

I would just advise as Mavary has - better to go back to the GP as it is a Friday! Sometimes my husband has similar problems when he has an infection and it is very scary. Wish I had an easy answer. I would talk to your doctor about that though as well. Take care, hope you feel much better soon. TAD xxx

Thanks all for your replies, will try and see or at least speak to GP today.

Will drink more too.


Hi again Titchyj, I have just recovered from a bad chest infection and I had to go back to docs as was still coughing violently and had thick dark coloured Mucus too. They sounded me out and decided that the infection was away but my lungs were still inflamed. But you can never be sure and 1 lot of AB'S does not always cure it. Get well soon. Cheryl

my husband was taken to hospital on Sunday night as he was finding it very difficult to breath, his chest is clear, but 2 weeks ago he had a chest infection and we used the rescue pack ABs and steroids he is still in hospital and they are giving him steroids and nebuliser they have now said it is a COPD flare up has any one else heard of this.

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