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To those who have just been diagnosed with COPD

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Have been looking at a post of mine that i did 8 months ago when i started at a gym where i said what and how long i could do on a treadmill on incline and rowing machine and other things has i would never ever go to a gym and used to hate exercise but joined a gym has was diagnosed with COPD

But wow i am amazed what i could do then and what i can do now and how good i feel after doing these things so any new diagnosed people if you can exercise this is a must,believe me i felt so upset and scared when told i had this COPD but now after exercise i feel so much better and fit and i dont mean pumping up your muscles just doing what and when you can..all the best music

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Well done music. :)

well done hun,,keep it waiting to have a lung function test to see if i got copd or asthma im really scared and worried too,

This us just what I wanted to hear, have joined the gym, not been yet, have been very low in mood, increase in breathlessness really scary, will now be going to gym at weekend, well done you and thanks for the inspiration x x x

Yes medow go to the gym. The exercise will lift your mood and make you feel better about yourself, and remember a little bit of exercise is better than no exercise.

Well done music, keep it going :) x

Well done music I've now been going to the gym for nine months and yes I feel good but still have my off days and I'm still coughing I was hoping this would ease with the exercise, I think this cold weather as a lot to do with it take care xx

Brilliant - keep up the great work. TAD xxx

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Thanks for replys got my spirometry lung funtion test some time end of january after my winter holidays and i know its just numbers but has its just my second test and have been looking after myself better and not smoking, i would just like to see if any inprovment

Hoorah,someone with some common sense!! keep on trucking.

Well done you x x

I've just bought a Pedometer and am keeping track of my Steps each day and trying to keep the average up!!

music, this is such good news to hear. I would encourage others too. The gym and my drugs saved me! Well done, music!

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