I am well aware of the biological aspect of COPD and what it does to your lungs and have also mastered the inhalers (how, when and why to take) but this morning I did something that has completely baffled me. I took my two puffs of Symbicort first thing this morning and plodded my way through the next few hours slowly since I am in the middle of a chest infection. I remembered that I hadn't taken my Spiriva which I normally take five minutes after the Symbicort so for some unknown reason, decided to mini tiptoe my way to the bedroom whilst laughing and joking with my son. I arrived in the bedroom and was completely fine, no breathlessness whatsoever which is baffling because usually just walking there leaves me gasping, never mind when I'm struggling with an infection. Given that I have very little muscle in my legs I was amazed I could even mini tiptoe at all ! This condition baffles me at times; when I should be breathless I'm not and when I least expect it, I'm doubled over trying to catch my breath.

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  • Ha ha, just left a reply which was totally wrong as I misread your post. Now I've read it again, I have no clue why this happens, it happens to me too on occasion, maybe sometimes we're distracted from thinking about it? xxx

  • Wish I could have seen your totally wrong reply! Hope you are well. xxxxxxx

  • So do I sassy :D x

  • Hahahaha - staring into the cat's eyes was what did it LOL. Possibly distraction but boy was I energetic doing it - my heart was thudding well but no gasping for air! :) xx

  • Loved the cat scan scrobbity, better than the one I had for my bronchy diagnosis...xx

  • Perhaps if they did a blow up of this picture and stuck it inside it might help :) xx

  • Oh brilliant Puff, loved it and saved it for future infliction on someone :) xx

  • Lol! I've saved it too! xx

  • They say laughter is the best medicine. :)

  • It is weird how things go sometimes scrobbitty and no idea why that happens. Loved the cat scan as I love cats anyway. V.g. Hope you are doing a bit better now. Pete has a bad chest too but is slowly improving. All the best for the coming year. xxxx

  • Awww commiserations to Pete too - strangely this one is bad but not affecting me as much as normal, which is strange in itself, but maybe due to me taking Azithromycin - either way not complaining about feeling better whilst in the middle of one (if that makes sense?). I had three days last year when I felt so well and had so little breathlessness it felt like a reprieve. Sadly didn't last but enjoyed it while it did LOL :) xx

  • Scrobbity that's the kind of cat scan I like best, plus aren't ginger ones supposed to be lucky as well as black ones. This illness baffles me too I feel great then go to do things and I'm breathless and exhausted, have to walk a snails pace to get through the day and as little stress as pos or the blood pressure shoots up. But live goes on so make the best of it. Enjoy your evening.

  • Thanks Katie, you too. I love ginger moggies, they mostly seem affectionate unlike my black and white ratbag! When I did my PR course in Bournemouth Hospital the PR guy was amazed at how quickly I walked and the length of my stride; since then I have learnt to slow it right down and when I forget my lungs complain very loudly. :) x

  • we used to have a cat called ratbag think it was a Tabby, my first ever cat was a ginger tom. Don't have pets now but family have many cats between them all shapes, sizes and names.

  • Sometimes Scrobbs I think the meds we take make us ill too, I have the odd day when I forget to take an inhailer & am much less breathless, however, if I have an infection & forget, I struggle to breathe, beats me lass, loving the cat, reminds me of pongo, so named because phew he stunk when he broke wind lol :) Hope you recover from the bug soon, I have a right nasty one brewing, must have been from my trip!! :P xxxxx

    Puff, brilliant :) :) xxx

  • I've noticed recently that since I have cut right back on meds and inhalers I have been a lot better and even with this damn infection I have coped a lot better than usual. Mad innit?

    Laughed at Pongo the pongy cat - Kevin has yet to trump - not even silent but deadly ones, mind you it's the only vice he hasn't got LOL.

    Argh on the brewing bug and hope it doesn't brew too deeply! :) xxx

  • Loved that pic,Scrobitty,what a great 'cat scan'

    Hope you're doing ok,is it my imagination,or have you been very quiet of late??

    You always seemed a cheeky young fellow!l

    Love Wendells xxxx

  • Ps.Yes I have noticed that on occasions,funny isn't it?

  • Hi Wendells, yep have been very quiet of late tis true. Was a bit poorly and decided to stop sitting in front of computer (my bum was getting numb LOL) and do other things but got bored of that and missed you lot! Trust the weather down under is a lot nicer than up over LOL :) xx

  • Yes Scrobbitty, I too have experienced - only ONCE (so far) - this phenomenon, where this wretched disease appears to disappear momentarily . One afternoon last year, I was staying round a pals house, and as I wanted to pop out for a bit of exercise, I suddenly realised I had left my key upstairs - WITHOUT THINKING, I LITERALLY RAN UPSTAIRS !! - it was only when I got to the top of the stairs, I realised what I had just done ! to my astonishment ( as walking upstairs very slowly really puffs me out ) - - and only afterwards, slowly the breathlessness starting coming back - I do wonder sometimes if alot of our trouble is psychological, and that , whilst we know we have problems with our lungs, we actually ACT OUT our symptoms unaware, to FIT IN WITH WHAT WE BELIEVE IS WRONG WITH US !, and its only on rare occasions , when we momentarily forget our " Limitations " that strange things do happen - its a thought ! - Good Luck and THINK POSITIVE - THATS THE CLUE TO ALL THIS ........

  • Hi Vittorio, thanks for reply. You might well have hit the nail on the head there. I always remember a dog I owned jumped over a barbed wire fence and sliced his stomach open. A trip to the vets obviously and he was sown up and allowed back home the next day with painkillers. Five minutes after he jumped the stupid fence again. I phoned the vet immediately who said - 'well he hasn't read the book that says it hurts has he?' The mind works in mysterious ways and do always try the positive side first. Take care and keep that positivity going ............ it's catching! :) xx

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