ive been wheezing a breathless for couple of yrs went to docs befor xmas he gave me ventalin 2 puffs 4 times a day ,

my peak flow went up after using it ,now im on Fostair 2 puffs twice a day only started it last nite and peak flow gone up from 200 this morning to 280 pm not got ant wheezing or breathlessness

got to have a lung function test next wk to see if its asthma or copd am really worried

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  • If your peak flow is improving then it's quite possible it may only be asthma, but either way the main treatment is inhalers and both illnesses are chronic long term. Don't worry that will only make the breathing worse, wait till your test next week and the results, you have treatment till then and there may be little change in that when things are decided definitely from your test results. Take care and best wishes for next week.

  • thanks for reply hun,im a terrible worrier ,its a very rapid improvement of peak flow reading in less than 24 hours but it feels good not to be wheezing,,from what ive read online copd reading doesnt go up too much after using inhalour..

  • Dont worry about the tests hun using the best inhaler for whichever you might have is all the doctors want for you.

  • copd is bad though isnt it,,

  • Any long term lung disease is bad flowers89, but if you get the correct drugs and treatment, things won't be too bad . All the best for your tests. xx

  • thanks hun ,ive got no other symptoms apart from bit wheezy and breathlessness,but like i said after 2 doses of fostair thats gone too,,xx

  • what happens next if it copd.x

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