So Honoured to be Best Man, Mattcass

Hi Guys, Mark and Emma came up for supper last night to discuss the Wedding and in harmony asked me to honour them and be their best man to which I gratefully accepted, It’s a bit hard trying to feeling on the top of the world when one is going through the pain barriers off all pain barriers Mark thought I had tears in my eyes because I was so happy 3 days again of nothing but pain, I did get upset when I saw Emma crying because she saw me crying and what I was going through I tried to make light work of the situation by asking Emma to make sure there was wheelchair access because I will be there on the day, Needless to say a bottle of wine helped me to get some sleep before my work today, Matt

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We'll be looking forward to the wedding pictures now! Delighted for you.

Hang in there Matt. xx

You won't regret it Matt. xx

Bless you matt and can't wait to see the beautiful photos when the day comes. Be strong and like Toci says, hang in there! Lots of love and good wishes. xxxx

Well done Matt and congratulations on being Best Man. :)

I do hope you will be pain free reallly soon and especially so on the day.

Take extra care and just do all the things you know are going to help you.

Best wishes BC

Glad to hear you are going to try and do the best man honours for Mark & Emma, that's fabulous news. Really whole heartedly hope your health improves a little for the day and you get to join everyone on the special day, with plenty of photos to show the world every best wish x

So pleased Matt,now take care,untill the big day! I'm sure you won't regret it.Looking realy forward,to seeing those pics,

Love to all,Wendells xxx

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