So ignorant!!

Increasingly of late, I have been feeling off colour. Yesterday, I had to go and lay on my bed feeling rough, really depressed because it was an effort to do anything. I was more breathlessness, and unable to do anything.

I started to think "why", and then worked out that was drinking coffee during the day, and a glass of wine in the evening. NO WATER!! How stupid is that. So I took myself in hand, and drink, and so much better.

I am writing this just to warn folk, the importance of water. I should known better. What a plonker!!

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  • We can all be a plonked from time to time Pergola

  • ...... a plonker doh!

  • I'd be the same if I didn't drink lots of water! What a plonker! Lol :-)

  • Hi Pergola. It's not something a lot of people would think of. So don't worry about it. X

  • Oh, I just drink coffee all day. I`ll have a go at abstaining for a day and just drink water to see how I`m affected.

  • Oh Annie,don't finish up in hospital,having IV fluids,you don't need that! I know,if I get a headache & have a couple glasses of water,it's gone quite quickly.

    Keep a special jug in the fridge,with sliced lemon,or limes,& make sure it's all drunk before the days up!

    Especially now with a big move front of you,you must not let yourself get dehydrated.

    Have you found a place to buy yet?

    Do hope Brian is keeping reasonable well.

    Love to you both xxxx

  • Oh, Wendells, who was the young nurse who used to go bed to bed encouraging the patients to drink, and keeping fluid charts. Me!

    I cant believe how stupid I've been and have only admitted to it to help others. Yes, a jug in the fridge - promise. Brian is down in Hants looking at some bungalows which I have viewed on line. It does seem to be the right thing to do. He is now having amazing results with his new chemo but it has been a rough year. Constantly worried about my own health, too. Apologies, this should have been a PM.

  • Thats so wonderful about Brian,now you make sure you look after yourself,I'm sure his illness would have taken a lot out of you too.

    I'm sure you will find the right place,& it will be so lovely,being near your daughter,what an adventure! Clever you,looking on line,it's wonderful what we can acess on line,these days.

    Well Nurse Pergola,remember those fluids,ha ha! xxxx

  • I know exactly what you are saying, I have to make myself drink water every day, I never get thirsty except during the night, I don't drink tea or coffee. I find if I keep one of the small bottles you can pull the top up on the table beside me I drink more, worth a try.

    polly xx

  • This is the test I use if I suspect I may not be taking enough water : Its a good one to follow and we can rehydrate quite quickly when taking up enough water. I had a period previously when unwell and it only took 1.5 litres to rehydrate after about 6 hours, the skin sprung back into position almost immediately. See Video below:

    The video about how to prevent food poisoning in relation to dehydration. The same pinch test applies to determine general everyday hydration or dehydration levels.

    Keep drinking the water folks, or quantities of fruit tea or diluted squash in the water, also a squeeze of lemon or lime into the water makes it easier to drink. :)

    So glad you sussed out that you may be dehydrated and the need to drink water pergola.

  • I try to drink water through day, but not after 6-oo p.m. otherwise am up in night weeing .

  • I drink decaffeinated rooibos tea all the time - about 6 mugs of 300 ml every day + a plateful of whole milk with my cornflakes, raisins, banana and cashew nuts. I may drink another half mug during the night, as my throat really dries up. don't we also get water from the food we eat? Interesting.

    I did the pinch test. In some part, my skin returns, in some other part of the same hand, it forms a little ridge, then mixes up with the other wrinkles!!!

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