A drunken man going home from the pub in the pouring rain decided to take a short cut through the cemetery, as he was stumbling along in the dark he fell head first into a freshly dug grave, try as he might he couldn't climb up the muddy sides of the hole. Deciding he was stuck he pulled up is collar, squatted In the mud ln the corner of the hole and resigned himself to spending the night. 20 mins later he heard a splash, looking up he saw another chap trying to climb the slippery sides of the hole, looking up at the chap he said, you wont get out of here mate,.. he bloody well did....

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  • :-) :-) :-) Very good - can picture the scene!

  • Me too !

  • Loved it! Can just imagen the quick exit,of the second fellow! xx

  • How to learn the high jump, :-)

  • brilliant just brilliant i love it.

  • when you purchase a bottle of wine you uncork it to let the air out then give mouth to mouth resuscitation

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