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just wanted to say hi


i'm new to this - i was diagnosed with copd two years ago and now have angina as well(diagnosed yesterday). using e cig tank to quit smoking - anyone tried vaping?

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How you doing mate, I got diagnosed with angina about 4yrs ago and copd about 6wks ago, been using ecig for a couple of months now, aint had any probs as yet , beats smoking m8, seem to be breathing abit better, not coughing as much either. Ask the quack, if he aint got a prob bash on, hope you do ok bud,

I've never vapped, but I wished my father had never smoked, because I got bronchiectasis through his smoking!

so remember when you don't smoke one cigarette, you prevent someone from getting bronchiectasis. Keep the spirit and the aspidistra going!

Hello Adrian not me personally, used everything else but managed it in the end. A friend of mine started on the vapouriser 6 days ago and hasn't had a ciggie now for 4 days. Good luck hope you make it.

Hi and welcome adrian. I was diagnosed with angina mid 2011. I blamed the rollups so I stopped smoking the same day I got diagnosed. No e-fags, nothing. I haven't smoked since. After about three months of not smoking I didn't even have the cravings anymore. A few weeks after giving up I was diagnosed with COPD Stage 4, very severe emphysema. Damn annoying after giving up the fags but there you go !

I had a stent put in 2011 and have had no angina problems since then. Recent echocardiogram shows my heart is as normal as the next person.

Very pleased to hear about your heart Puff and good on you for the strength and power to just stop the cigs, you prove it can be done. xx

Warm welcome to Adrian :)

Hi Adrian welcome.

I have used e-cig for a year now after I collapsed last January and was diagnosed with Bronchiectasis Asthma and scarred lungs, I knew of the asthma and scarring The Bronchiectasis was something new.

Stopping smoking cold turkey was never an option for me, I tried and failed so many times.

The consultant told me that Bronchiectasis can happen to anyone for no reason EVEN non smokers, likely cause for me was untreated pneumonia in earlier years.

My GP is quite! happy for me to vape BUT, he does want me to cut my reliance on them and eventually get off them.

The only side effect I can tell you of is sore throat and general tiredness but that could be because of my health issues.

Either way Vaping must be better than taking in all the toxins you inhale in an ordinary fag.

Good luck to you and keep on trying.


What exactly is vaping? I thought that meant just smoking an e-cig?

What is vaping ?

I'm vaping and its really helping me I got bubble gum flavour I probably use it quite a bit at the moment as I'm only 5 days in but I'm so glad I have I wouldn't be able to do it otherwise

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