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Fed up

I have been to see the doctor and have been told I have a serious lung infection and need to go into hospital, the only trouble is: my local hospital is full of people with sickness and diareha (think that's how you spell it) With my copd and heart condition I am frightened I won't come out again. All the doctors want to do is put me in a induced coma and when I ask what are my chances of coming out of it they say 30%, I am not going in, sorry doc. Not with those odds. This cold weather is making me bad, roll on the summer,if we get one. Sorry to sound off but I am scared.

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Hi Chris sound off all you like. That's what we are here for shoulder each others fears and problems. Like Stitch my mother was put in an induced coma and we were called because they didn't expect her to see the end of the day. She recovered and lived an enjoyable number of years. Yep roll on summer. She had a number of health problems including heart. Don't close the door fully. Take each hour at a time.

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Hello Chris

I can see why you are feeling so scared - I would be too.

Your first point (cross contamination) is something we all wrestle with when they want us in 5*. I am just wondering if it would make a difference to how you feel about it if they could guarantee you would be in a side room. Might just be an option.

I can also see the prospect of being in an induced coma and being out of control would be scary too. Have they explained all your options and indeed how they would treat you if you decided to stay at home?

Maybe a discussion with a professional who is not involved in your care directly would be helpful i.e. BLF.

Whatever you decide Chris I wish you well.

Love cx


I'd be scared to Chris, do have another talk with G.P. might be able to ease your mind, I would take G.Ps. advise then !

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Gee Chris, I think I would do the same as you with those odds and the current situation at your local hospital. I can fully understand your decision and I would be scared too. Maybe ask the doc if you can for the time being keep your options open until you feel more comfortable with any options open to you, ask the doc to explain fully these and consequences if you do or don't.

I am wishing you good stable health through the winter and hopeful come spring you will be in a stronger position to consider any health improvement offers the doctor/s may offer or recommend to you.

Keep as warm as you need, stay inside on cold damp days, order food and meds in to be delivered to your home or get someone to do the necessary for you. Try to keep the exercise / mobility going at home though, arrange a telephone appointment with your doc and ask to access the OT team so they can come and show you some exercises you can do.each day and help you achieve the best possible health through needing to be at home.

My very best wishes to you and please don't hesitate to communicate with us here or the helpline (monday to friday 10am to 5pm) click red balloon for contact details.



I'd be scared too and with the sickness ect in your local hospital , think you may have made the best decision for yourself at this moment Chris. Rest, take care and hopefully you may improve without the hospital stay just now. Or could your GP not find you a less infected hospital, sadly though that might be hard, my local hospital has three wards closed due to infection. I think your safer at home right now best wishes


Thanks Stitch, Suzy6, cofdrop, rick1 and Blackyc. for the advice. I am seeing my GP again on Friday and will talk to her again about my worries, but she has wanted me in since before Christmas, She is giving me the strongest antibiotics she can but says I need stronger and only the hospital can give them. I'll see and let you know. Thanks and it is nice to know you all are out there.

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Chris, I have read your message, and was sad that you understandably feel scared to go into a bug infested hospital. It is unbelievable in this day and age that any sick person should feel this way. Hospitals round this way have a good record but I am aware that there are hospitals with a bad hygiene reputation that I wouldn't set foot in.

I feel that you should get advice. I have recommended PALS ( patients advisory liaison service) but I think the name has changed. A body of people like that could advise because health is so important.

I do wish you better health and peace of mind, Chris. We are always here to help and listen. xxx

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Chris, if your local hospital has the noro virus they will shut the wards to new patients, so it,s very unlikely you would come into contact with them, & if they plan on putting you in an induced coma you would be in intensive care/ICU anyway, that ward will be the cleanest in the whole hospital, no course of treatment is without risks & I,d be more concerned with what are your chances of surviving the infection you have without this treatment, I wish you all the luck in the world whatever decision you make,

Take the best care of yourself

Karen xxx


Hi Chris, This is my thoughts only during this tricky time for you, not firm advise its just me being in your shoes right now..... I would go and see the chest specialist over the Dr if no appointments avail I would pay if possible for this

one Consultation with someone at the top of the tree, pending where you live and can get too if possible funds allowing.

Then on that outcome would I make a decision you and only you know if your body is struggling to fight alone but look at all options first is what I would do if you possibly can.. Also chest consultants that know you will always call you if you get to there Secretary, worth a try, wishing you all the Best Sue


Chris you have my sympathies for the awful choice you are faced with but you have to make the decision that is right for you. In respect of needing intravenous antibiotics my 18month old niece was diagnosed with meningococcal meningitis last winter and was discharged home after 4 days with the line still in her hand and a nurse visited each evening to administer IV antibiotics for a further week. I don't see why that couldn't be an acceptable compromise in your situation. I have found that a lot of the workings of the NHS are not geared to what the patient wants, it can be a very rigid beast. During my illness I realised that when I walked out of the consulting room the medic was not spending time worrying or thinking about me. I then resolved to take control of my situation and tell them what I wanted to happen and complain if necessary. You shouldn't have to do this when you're struggling but you have to be selfish when you're not well. Be strong and hope you feel better and more in control of your choices soon. Take care x


Chris, waiting for the Summer sounds like you will get better odds. Stick in there. My dog is nearly 12 and struggling with stairs Vet says he might have a tumour but MRI scan, in Jersey, too expensive and my insurance company stopped his cover after he was nine. It's a wicked world at times but please remember to look for the good things the little things and the kindness of people on this Site. Wish you well Audrey.


Hi Audrey, just wanted to say that I'm sorry to hear about your dog and the expense involved in having an MRI scan. Shame on these insurance companies to have a cut-off point for an older animal.

Hope that you can find a way to help your dog and will have it's company for a bit longer....Lovelight x


Hi Chris, sorry to know that you're faced with this dilemma and I think anyone would respect your feelings either way. You've had a lot of good advice from folks here but I'd also want to know a bit more from the doc/specialist. A serious lung infection can't be under-estimated but if you did chose to go into hospital and ( as someone has said) could you discuss having a side'll get more peace in there anyway. And I know we're not medically trained but having lots of rest and these strong intravenous anti-biotics might just keep you out of the ICU.

I wish you peace and all the best as you decide on the best way forward....Lovelight x


sorry to hear this Chris, don't know where you live but if in UK then tell them yes you will go to hospital at the Brompton.

it is the safest place for you in UK and yes you have the right to be referred to it by your doctor or consultant.


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