hi, am I over reacting I am new to wearing oxygen when out and about .but have been told all about dangers of blowing me self up . but we when to havesters in shoebury Essex and asked if its ok to go in because of oxygen manager said on problems .well as we walked in to be seated I turned to my side and two feet away they had a rottissary flames every where . well I just panicked and boy did I throw a wobbler.just how safe are we .

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  • Hi,I am also on ambulatory oxygen,I normally switch it of when I am seated,as my sats usually come up when I am sat still,just sit further away from the flames if you need to leave your oxygen on.Regards Sooki.

  • Hi I am the same, in fact off for a carvery today but will leave oxygen off whilst in there.

    polly xx

  • You may find if you check the information supplied to you by your oxygen supplier it will explain the cautions.

    Couple of links below may be useful reading:

    Safety advice Air Liquide:



    I do feel concern sometimes when I walk with a friend on oxygen when we have to pass smokers in the street, so far I live to share my concerns ;)

    Best wishes BC

  • I am so glad you also live to tell the tale Stitch :)

    take good care ;)

  • Me too Stich! My OH came in and dragged me away from the hob! I had only just started using o2 and forgot it was on.

    I go out for meals regularly now with my o2. I ask for candles to be removed and not to sit near naked flames if it looks like we're headed that way. I don't ask if I can come in with it - assume I can. Like others I am able to switch my 02 off when seated but even with oxygen off I steer clear of fires etc. Luckily, I've not met any smokers yet apart from passing them outside the door of the hospital.

    I did suggest to one person that he might like to move to another area to light up. I was sitting on a bench untangling my cannula. The sign behind my head said 'no smoking zone'. He looked like he was up for an argument until he saw me put the cannula on- and I suggested he wouldn't want to be blown up!!!

    TBH I don't think there is much danger from a passing smoker but I give a wide berth to open fires. How fortunate that public places are now non smoking.

  • I went to the William Harvey in Ashford in an ambulance a while back now. when I cam off the ambulance, just under the non smoking sing, there was a chap happily smoking! There were tons of butt ends on the floor. so this particular spot was obviously used.

  • BE careful, though, because a flame exists because of oxygen. If you bring oxygen near a naked flame, it would burst into flame too and you would be badly burnt in the face. Don't take unnecessary risks.

  • Oxygen will cause a cigarette to burn more fiercely, and this could set a plastic cannula or face mask on fire if it was close enough, but the oxygen itself will not ignite or explode -

  • I eat out regularly with no problems. We even have a candle on the table in some places, as long as it is not on my side of the table. The thing is, oxygen will not 'explode' during normal usage. If the cannula or tubing came into contact with a naked flame there would be a whoosh and a fierce fire but that is because oxygen causes fires to burn more fiercely. Eating out, walking in the street, etc. are all relatively safe endeavours. :)

  • I think the best way to go is sit by the salad mate.

  • Hi

    If you have any concerns about using oxygen ask your oxygen supplier for a cannular Firesafe valve.


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