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Must be getting old I think

Ouch, not being disrespectful but I have noticed that a lot of people here are quite mature in years, in fact if you were wines you would probably be worth a lot of money. Just wondering at what stage people get old. ? I looked in the mirror this morning and my dad looked back at me, I could have planned a hill walking holiday using the lines on my chops. Im only 57.is it a copd thing or am I turning from a handsome prince back to a frog..

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My doctor says 75 is the official age for reaching old age ,im 71 so still have a few years left before old age !!!


Nice one, so providing my bits don't drop off, pack up or shrivel up I got a way to go yet. Thanks.

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I cant drink wine because of pills im on . but my misses recons im a cup of earl grey (tea) .same as she recons my body spray should be old spice and me shampoo should be touch and go . you gotta keep laughing .


Sounds good to me your Earlness. Give your missus a big hug from me if you can still catch her. And my very best wishes for the new year to you both.

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Age is just a number, it's how you feel that count's, c.o.p.d. doesn't really age you as for as looks are concerned.


Thanks mate, I guess it's frog time then, ha, ha,

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Hi hicki

Living life to excess often ages us before our time. Excessive drinking, smoking, partying, sun exposure etc etc.

Looking on the bright side at least your reflection offered only a hill walking holiday and not a ragged mount range ;)

You might be beyond complete recovery but I recommend a good diet, drinking plenty of water, giving up the smoke sticks (if you still do that), take up some form of regular beneficial exercise and avoid heavily polluted environments if you can. That way you may find the hills becoming gentle rolling slopes :)

All the best BC


Will try my best blakey, all good and sound advise and great fully received. Cheers.


My COPD has left me looking like a stick insect, oh how I wish I had been this weight when I was 18 and could eat all that I do now I have my appetite back. Now I am skin on bone. If I was a horse they would send me to the knackers yard, but am I going there Neighhhhh.

polly xx


My bet is you are as gorgeous now as you were at 18.have a great new year. X

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You're probably right, all the best.

when I look in the mirror I often wonder what happened to that handsome young man of 50 odd years ago. ( I`m 73 now ).

He's still there you handsome old devil.

thank you

He's still in their Whit. xx

thank you

None taken ;-) Lots of us have had respiratory probs since babyhood/childhood so I guess the fact we are now 'quite mature in years' is a good thing! Luckily we're not mature in our heads. By the way A and E work on a points system for admission (can't remember the name of it now) but being 65 gets you one point.

Love one point c x


So, it's looking like nil pwah for me, I'm a veritable baby yet. L.o.l. keep well my old cofdrop.x

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Hicki , its how you feel inside....I have been 39 for many many years, but inside I feel 28. You my dear Hicki are NOT old in heart/spirit/ or age even...Join me in being 39 ......

As they say the secret to staying young is the careful use of Make-up.....Make up and age and stick to it

Love Sohara

That's it then, I'm converted, I'm going to get me a big assed pot of man make up and join the 39ers, sounds like the place to be. Xx

Hi there Hicki - c'mon now! You are still a youngster and I bet you are a stunner!!!!! Keep telling yourself you are fit and strong and getting better every day - it may not be what you think you see in the mirror but you will do a little better with that voice in your head than keeping the negative voice in your mind. I try it and it is difficult (especially after frequent poor nights) but it is better than not trying it at all. I am not 'mature in years' yet, but like a good wine,I am WORTH A LOT!!!!! And so are you Hicki.

I'm loving you to bits. Xxx

Oh Hicki with your 'man make-up' and your GOSH I think 39 might REALLY be your age

You wouldnt think that if you saw me now, couldn't wait to get my own pot of man stuff so I borrowed the wife's, looking like a cross between pete best and liberace. Ha, ha.

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Ah that's where you have gone wrong...your wife's pot is for 37 year olds, you need the slightly more mature 'Eau de Paris' for 39 yr olds.

and who are Pete Best & Liberace ?...surely before us 39'ers time

Just a couple of names I got off Google, thought they sounded impressive, as for using the wrong make up, I will try the girlfriends later. L.o.l. up the 39ers. Xx

Plenty of us here a fair bit younger than you though fortunately this isn't an ageist site.

As Cofdrop mentions, lots of people have had lung disease since childhood, of various ages on here too.

If I live to be wondering what new tablet to buy next when in my eighties I shall be well pleased.

And as Rick says, age is just a number. It's just fags, booze & an unhealthy lifestyle that age you

All sounds about right to me, if I can still be moaning about stuff when I hit 80, happy days, might do the wife's head in by then mind.

Best not moan until your 80's then or your wife will be greasing the stairs long before you reach 60!


Good thinking m8.x

I don't have COPD Hicki, but I've been old for years, in spite of only being in my 60s.


Poemsgalore I won't accept that from you Girl, I have read your poems they are NOT the words of anyone but a lovely lady with a very young and kind heart, which is full of fun

Love Sohara

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Don't believe that, I've read a few of your poems, I was thinking smoothy. Xx

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Well Hicki there's no such word as old in my dictionary, the lines on our faces are the sign of maturity, elderly to me is when your past 90 and I know people over 90 who are fitter than me. Health and age are not necessarily intertwined. You are young with a lot of years ahead to enjoy life best you can, so go for it if you are able, it's how you feel not how you look.

That's it then, it's official, all Katies are beautiful. Xx

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i am surrounded by friends who are 75, 93, etc.! I said to one today, one is getting old when one gets more friendly with older people. I have done this all my life,as older women found me gentle and attractive :-) It's all a perspective.

I am about to be 65 and get my pension! But I shall use this to maintain my attractive body at the gym!

1 is pleased 2 hear that 1 is surrounded by 1s friends, 1 must admit that at the moment 1s own friends are not as old as 1s, but as 1 gets older 1 will probably have friends as old as 1 does 2, I think, maybe. Anyhow, hope your gym sessions go well, but be careful, 1 can do 2 much.x

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My body will tell me loudly if I overdo it :-)

Sorted my old mate, keep pumping the iron.x

I am not old I am an OLDER person according to my council when they sent me a letter about things and places I could call or go as an OLDER person.

I am 58 but think I still have a mind of an 18 year old ( my wife thinks it's 10 sometimes :) )

I was very active played Rugby,Hockey, Running ( ran County cross country) Taught Karate 3rd Dan and ran a very physically active business.

Then my heart, lungs and joints went belly up and am now puffing once I get up my stairs! But my age is a number and as long as my brain does not want to grow up that's fie by me ( Even when I am a 10 year old)

Aahhhhhhh, we are all the beautiful people. xxx

I'm 53 I do feel old but I think that is because your so tired all the time and the COPD does slow you down

Well Hicki I will be 66 in 3 weeks time, I don't look it, ( or so everybody says ) but I deffo feel it now as I get more chest infections with my PF and the pain of my flare ups with the RA. however inside I still feel about 26 and still dress like a 50 year old. You are only as old as you feel. There are only handsome Princes and princesses on here anyway, no frogs or toads lol. Cheryl

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Same here. I made it to 59 It doesn't get better than it is today.Good luck. And try to keep smiling.

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