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Dad end stage copd

Hi there everyone. Im in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

I know that in this current weather my dad shouldn't go out and about but he is getting so depressed, I cant help, Im useless, I just keep saying stop smoking and you will be better for a while.

Does anyone know of any support group where sufferers can meet and discuss their worries and concerns with someone who truly gets it.

I suffer from asthma so at least have a mild understanding of how he feels, just cant bear that he is so down and regretting his life.

I hope someone can suggest something positive as I don't know where else to go for help, cant find anything on nhs

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hi if you click on blf support groups on your pc then put your postcode in it gives your local one . I have just done this myself and found I have one a couple of miles away in southend that meets on the first Wednesday every month . happy hunting

Hopefully there is a Breath Easy group near him, they are open to friends & relative too I believe so you could go along with him the first time.

Some peeps were talking about the one In Bury St Edmunds Suffolk earlier meeting last Thursday of every month & they're also meeting up before then in a hotel for a coffe. That is lovely. He will meet people in a similar boat and he may listen and take note from strangers. Hope you find a similar set up in Yorkshire

I can see it must be so hard witnessing your Pa's decline. What a lovely son or daughter you are to care. :)


Meeting 3rd Thursday of each month from 2-3.30pm

Location Dorothy Hyman Sports Centre,

Snydale Road,


Barnsley, S72 8LH

Contact BLF Helpline 03000 030 555

Barnsley (produced by biltho)


If you can get him to the Breath Easy Group I am sure it will help him - my husband was much relieved to find he wasn't the only one suffering. Also please ring the BLF helpline they may be able to give you some support too in terms of what other help there is available for your Dad and what other things you could ask the Doctor for. Take care TAD xx


Our local breath easy group meets once a month where they have speakers and then they meet up in a pub for lunch. Good luck I know parents can act like kids sometimes we are always hear if you want to scream.

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I'm a member of a local Breathe Easy, but because I'm so ill and the weather rather unpredictable, I have only been able to go once or twice.

But I had a marvellous support from my pulmonary nurse. I'm going to see her tomorrow. She follows me closer than the consultant. She can advise me of groups to go to, like rehabilitation (which I have participated in). she can refer me to the physiotherapist, the psychologist (which I have used with good result). she is well informed on drugs,tests (she does them too) and what to watch for. I'd recommend the pulmonary nurse.

she could also give advice on how to quit smoking and direct your dad to a group too. In my opinion, your dad has to make an effort in this. (I know, this it s very difficult step to take; but that's why a psychologist from the pulmonary team could help).


Hi Try not to beat yourself up, your not useless, you need help to be able to help your Dad.. It's very hard looking after a sick parent and you have to be careful you don't let yourself too poorly through stress.

Helingmics advice is excellent, your Dad needs to get help, for both your sakes. Take care x

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