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Lung fibrosis. Is there a stage when oxygen therapy becomes ineffective?

My father, who suffers from lung fibrosis, is in hospital recovering from a chest infection and the Dr said he is going to wean Dad off his oxygen. At home his oxygen level drops to about 80% (he is on 8litres) when he is mobile i.e. just going to the bathroom. His oxygen levels, when active, have not improved despite the increase from 4litres to 8litres.

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Hi, I think it would be a very good idea to ring the helpline in the morning, office hours, 03000 030 555, they will advice you on what to say/ask the doctors (for ie; why?). Please call them. I'm sorry I know nothing about O2 but others should be along soon who do.

Hoping all goes well for your Pa. Peeg


I am surprised that the doctor wants to make a decision about oxygen therapy when your father is recovering from a chest infection. Surely they cannot take accurate oxygen readings when he is still ill. I would ask his respiratory consultant, nurse or physio to do a 6 minute walking test when your father is better and insist that your father keeps the oxygen in the meantime. Good luck.




Thanks for your replies. I have just returned from the hospital again. I queried the oxygen situation and the doctor apologised and admitted he wasn't fully aware of Dad's situation. He has confirmed that they will not be altering his oxygen. Lack of knowledge about lung fibrosis by the medical staff is a concern when the elderly are in hospital and there is no continuity of care and relatives are not always there for the doctor's visits. Hopefully Dad will be discharged soon as he finishes his antibiotics today and is feeling much better.

Thanks again for your support.


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