forget anitbiotics

My name is peter I have severe copd from smoking and was diagnosed at age 40 and now am nearly 52 and since age 40 do not work. I go to a gym and train slow but get through it and my diet is just about perfect, heaps of fresh fruit and vegies and fresh fish etc. Ten years ago a friend told me about colloidal silver and I just never got around to buying any, but finally about a month ago I did and wow omg I cant believe how good this stuff works and wish I had have got on it years ago, so I want to share it with you.

2 months ago I went to hospital with a chest infection and spent 4 days there and they pumped me full of anitbiotics and I actually left the hospital feeling good and my phlegm was clear. The doctor told me eventually I would cough up the terrible yellow crap again and will do for the rest of my life. Hmmmmm well after taking the colloidal silver 6 hours or less I started to see the phlegm all clear and to this day its never been yellow, and its doing the work that the antibiotics did and actually many times on antibiotics I did still spit up yellow stuff

This stuff is a god dam miracle for me and just cant believe how good it works and how there is nothing in it to hurt us and it does not kill the good stuff in us all it basically does is suffocate the bad stuff

Basically its silver in water, have you ever heard of the blue bloods and wondered why the queen never gets sick and her mother lived to 101 its because they ate of silver and if you do get a lot of silver in your blood it gives the blood a blue tinge hence the name blue bloods

Anyhow have some fun google colloidal silver and make your own or go buy some its fantastic

ok one more thing google coltsfoot a herb you brew like tea

1 drink small glass of colloidal silver 2 times a day and nebulise it if you want whenever you feel like it

2 make coltsfoot tea and drink it 4 times a day

3 Buy the nutri bullet blender and live on fruit and vegies

4 get off all dairy products as they produce pleghm

5 sleep 8 hours every day

6 buy the lung expander its like a mouthguard to exercise the lungs

7 exercise exercise exercise if you have a spare 800 dollars or whatever go buy a treadmill

good luck and stay healthy

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  • Pedrosky - all fascinating stuff but would rather stay with what I feel comfortable with. I am wondering

    what my consultant would think.

  • Inhalers contain that siver and yep milk products dont help .. Cheers all the best

  • I have actually heard about colloidal silver before, but that was being nebulised, I did not know you could drink the stuff, but they were signing the praises of it, I just wasn't sure about it at the time so never looked into it any further

    I will look into it now , thanks Pedroski

    Love Sohara

  • oh dear sorry, not wishing to dash hopes here. But I a have read some different reports on this, I think anyone who wishes to use should look into it carefully into studies on it. I think it can cause liver dis function but don't quote me on this. Just a note to advise check it out and not just read the label and think its ok. I am not even sure how many, and there are many, that have been clinically tested?

    Of course, the fact that a product inhibits bacteria in a laboratory culture doesn't mean it is effective (or safe) in the human body. In fact, products that kill bacteria in the laboratory would be more likely to cause argyria because they contain more silver ions that are free to deposit in the user's skin.

    xx Ros xx

  • yep by all means check it out and do your research, I did a lot before taking it the net lights up like a Christmas tree when you search about it. I read over a hundred testimonies from people who swear by it. My friend who put me on it his wife is a nurse who drinks it anyhow a guy she knows went to her hospital for heart surgery he dosed himself up with colloidial silver before the operation, anyhow when it was over the doctor later said he has never seen anyone heal so fast.

    As for me well since its only silver in water ill take that over coughing up that dam yellow crap and living on antibiotics anyday.

    ever wondered why the bandaids now have the silver patch ? drug companys hate colloidal silver

    why because its cheap and it works

  • the only side effect I know of is if you drink gallons of it and abuse it you can get a grey blue ish colour to your skin which is reversible, to get this literally means gallons of the stuff.

    it has been used as medicine as far back as 4000 bc please check out this link

  • I understand, it is only my opinion on what I have read in the past.

    This one stands out in my mind. But good luck and am pleased you

    find in beneficial.

    xx Ros xx

  • c/p taken from above link:

    One of the weaknesses of the human body is that it has very poor mechanisms for the elimination of most metals. Whether the metal is lead, mercury, silver, or even iron, our cells are not biologically equipped to scavenge these metals and efficiently ferry them out of our bodies. So, the older we get, heavy metals, including silver, tend to accumulate in our cells.

  • yep agree that is why everything should be taken in moderation, some only take colloidal silver when needed like a bad cut or ear infection etc

  • Over 99 percent is readily excreted from the body.

  • Just had to comment on this link....Just be careful when FDA is making a comment about a product. FDA killed more people re: medications that are allowed by the FDA. Like someone said...research on something that could help or save lives.

  • here is doctor oz with his father in law Americas leading heart surgeon, telling us that we should be using colloidal silver every day here is the link

  • here is a link for you all

  • I do know that it has been nebulised by some bronchiectics - directly into the lungs (not for me), which I could,maybe, understand. But to drink it and somehow it cleans up your sputum? Can't figure this out!

    When taking a course of antibiotics I find it continues to work for days after I finish the course. I also find that 3-5 days after finishing the course I have a massive lung clearout before settling down.

  • it basically suffocates the bad stuff in our body it latches on and kills it

    it needs to enter our blood stream so putting some in your mouth and leaving it under the tongue is a good way to have it

    drinking it is ok but not the best method as the stomach acids apparently dissolve a lot of it

    If you are really sick and want fast relief a enema is the best way but for me ill stick to drinking and nebulising it

  • the problem with antibiotics is they kill the good stuff in us which weakens our immune system

    and if you get a secondary infection the next course need to be stronger and its like a dog chasing its tail it never stops. I have lost count of how many antibiotics ive had and wonder before what damage etc the things do to my system, im not against them completely and know at the right times there probably life saving im just trying to avoid taking them all the time,

  • Silver:

    It accumulates in the spleen, liver, bone marrow, lungs, muscles and skin. Lesions of the kidney and lungs, as well as arteriosclerosis have been attributed to industrial and medicinal silver exposure.

    When colloidal silver was given to experimental animals, it produced death due to pulmonary edema (fluid accumulation and swelling in the lungs) and congestion. Hemolysis (breakdown of red blood cells) and resulting bone marrow hyperplasia (abnormal multiplication of cells or enlargement of a part due to an abnormal increase of its cells) have been reported with silver. Chronic bronchitis has been reported from the medicinal use of colloidal silver.

  • Could you tell me your sources. The statement refers to medicinal silver exposure.

    Are you referring to the conversion to silver plated surgeons tools to kill bacteria. The use of silver plated doorknobs in hospitals to prevent the spread of disease, or the installation of silver showerheads to prevent legionaires disease?

  • Silver is an antiseptic and not an antibiotic if that makes sense.

  • Yes, all kinds of sense. I purchased a product from American Biotech Labs that produces antibacterial crèmes and something they call Silver Biotics, with Silver Sol Technology that they market as an "Every day immune system Support" using nano silver technology. Silver content is 10ppm, and is meant to be taken internally. One serving (5ml) gives you 50mcg of silver. After I received it, read an article in Consumers Report that warned of the dangers of colloidal silver. The product remains unopened. But the antibacterial crème is a wonder, superior to anything else on the market. I think there is a lot of confusion between the antibacterial properties of silver used as a topical treatment, and ingesting silver. This product described above does not include the word colloidal, but nano instead, but it is immersed in water. So I'm leary of it, and a lot of other things people ingest without thinking. Ever heard of this product?

  • I am having problems locating any information about colloidal silver animal experemints and as for it making chronic bronchitis? hmm on the net its seems to say that its used to fix it. I don't know like I say the dosage has to be taken carefully most use it only when needed or a cut etc

    there is a blue man on the net he was paid by a drug company to de bunk colloidal silver and many people are paid to say negative stuff. Drug companys hate this stuff they want you to stay sick.

    I try to take it and not over do it im guessing if you drink gallons of it like a idiot who knows what it will do and yep it probably then will do something to you, as for me if dr oz father in law a leading heart surgeon says use it every day then that's good enough for me ill do anything to get of the worst poisen of all antibiotics and steroids

  • That is a load of rubbish and you know it, post your evidence, acctually the biggest load of scaremongering i have ever heard, I erge everyone to do your own research, collidal silver is harmless, silver is a natural mineral, i dont know who this women works for or were she gets her information. it is fact that it is a natuarl antibiotic, everything this women says is such lies. POST YOUR EVIDENCE and stop letting people get something that will help them and benifit them for life and is cheap.

  • Hi Pedrosky, Thanks a lot for that very interesting reading.

  • My dad was diagnosed with Mesothelioma (asbestos cancer) 5 years ago, and was told he only had 4 weeks left to live. My sister did some research on the colloidial silver and bought some on the internet. Now I'm not saying that it worked, but my dad lived for another 5 months after his 4 week diagnosis. Could it be from the colloidial silver, or did the doctors get the dates wrong?

  • Could be worth looking into I think as silver itself used to be injected into people with TB years ago. Pete has sarcoidosis which is on a parallel with TB I believe. Anyway, I will have a good read up of all the pros and cons and chat to Pete about it all. Thanks for the link pedrosky. xxxxx

  • I have been working on myslef for 4 years, your right it does pay off! I eat well and walk daily I have antirypsin deficiency just noticed you got copd you can I suggest you take a alpha one antitrypsin test? you may find you have it ! it is a simple blood test. Thanks for the advice on the cordial silver have heard about it and I think I might after reading this go get some, I do believe that a lot of the drugs we take are indeed bad for us and that antibiotics are struggling in today's market due to them being in vast demand and people building a resistance to them..

  • Hi Pete you say you have not worked in the last 12 years, and that you go to the gym and talk about a treadmill, well I am 58 and still work full time as a handyman in a very busy school, there is no way I could manage to do a workout on a treadmill, I also struggle to walk any distance, the fact is am I missing something.

  • i actually use a bike at the gym but don't wind it up so I have to pedal hard the bike is basically pushing my feet around I mainly just get on the bike to try to get my breathing going, as for the treadmill it nearly kills me lol but I know its good I walk for like a few mins then have to stop and wait catch my breath and go again, as for the weights im still strong you just gota lift slow and easy then rest and repeat and your right it is hard

  • I get short of breath just putting out the rubbish bins there is no way I could do your work I really wish I could the only reason I can do some stuff at the gym is it don't involve walking far and ive been a gym junkie all my life so I kinda know how to do it without killing myself

  • Hi Pedrosky nice to hear your reply, my beef is not with you, the fact is I started this job 5years ago when I was fit, then 3 years ago I was diagnosed with COPD, I am in fact physically at the same place that you are at, everything I do requires me to rest a while to catch my breath, even unlocking the premises in the cold morning air, leaves me breathless and as if I have been speared in the chest, I can still complete all my work functions even if it takes a lot longer, my problem is that I still have 8 years to run on my mortgage and I suppose I feel trapped, and that is my beef, I am sure there are many more people in the same position.

  • Found this on Wikepedia

    "Colloidal silver (a colloid consisting of silver particles suspended in liquid) and formulations containing silver salts were used by physicians in the early 20th century, but their use was largely discontinued in the 1940s following the development of safer and effective modern antibiotics. Since the 1990s, colloidal silver has again been marketed as an alternative medicine, often with extensive "cure-all" claims. Colloidal silver products remain available in many countries as dietary supplements and homeopathic remedies, although they are not effective in treating any known condition and carry the risk of both permanent cosmetic side effects such as argyria and more serious ones such as allergic reactions, and interactions with prescription medications."

    I guess you have to pay your money and take your choices.


  • well ive had every dam antibiotic I think ever made lol and even on them I still coughed up yellowish crap since I started the colloidal silver about 2 months ago now I have never coughed up yellow stuff and its all nice and clear, now there is something no anti biotic could do exept for when I was in hospital and given it in a iv and spent a week in there, but after a while I started to cough up the crap again, actually on my last visit I remember a doctor saying to me id cough up yellow stuff forever and get used to it WOW how wrong he was I am amazed how good it works and for me id say it does fix a condition.

    my mate who put me on to the coll silver told me his friend had a tropical ulcer on his leg he was given heaps of different antibiotics to take it would not heal for months and looked terrible, my friend wrapped a soaked cloth around it and told him to change it 4 times a day and soak the cloth in silver and drink some 3 times a day in about 2 weeks or so it was nearly completely gone

    another success story

    my only mistake was when I was told about colloidal silver 9 years ago I didn't take any notice well not enough to buy some anyhow.

  • Please tell us what brand you are we can try it.

  • its a load of rubbish, everyone states argyria for one blue man that is advertised all over the internet, for one he drinks tons of it and it is still only a cosmetic reaction and harmless and what are the most serious allergic reactions you talk about PUBLISH THEM SO WE CAN TAKE A LOOK FOR OURSELVES.

    Every one that uses it as positive feedback and word of mouth of the general public is the best advertising for this cheap natual mineral which is harmless and we.

    Silver Harmful to Humans? Unlike other metals such as lead and mercury, silver is not toxic to humans and is not known to cause cancer, reproductive or neurological damage, or other chronic adverse effects. Nor has normal day-to-day contact with solid silver coins, spoons or bowls been found to affect human health. The benifits from taking silver are remarkable and if you havent tried it then you wouldnt know, i use to constently have chest infections as i have copd, not had one for years and you dont have to take colidal silver constantly, I had 1 bottle and then didnt take it again for about a year, also no more cold sores.

    this harmless cheap product should be advertised to all.

  • Hi Peter I've just read your post about colloidal silver and wondering how you are now and if you'd still recommend it. I've got bronchiectasis and also pseudomonas. I hate taking antibiotics as they're the reason I got pseudomonas in the first place.

    I've been nebulising with garlic for a while now and have managed to keep fairly healthy for some time. However I've just started with a chest infection again, and I'm sitting in bed googling what will help get rid of it other than antibiotics.

    I'd love to hear from you.


  • Are you still doing good with the silver...I take it myself.

  • There is nothing better than collidal silver, nothing harmfull in it and everything you say is factual, I can understand people being wairy as there is so many cranks online advertising products that dont work but most people that advertise this are not after money they just wont people to get the benifits, if you suffer from cold sores its fantastic, first few days brings all the bad stuff up to the suface, maybe a slight cold just like detoxifiying but you will never have to use antibiotics again, great if you suffer from chest infections. Look it up yourselfs, only one side effect know if you drink it like water and thats argyria but even thats only cosmetic and one guy is all over the internet but it is so rare and you would have to drink it like i said like water. It was available on the shelve years ago but was took of, drug companies definatly dont want it advertised as it is cheap you can make it yourself and is a natual antibiotic which they dont wont replacing, it has been used for years in bandages for burn victims, marks and spencers have silver spun Pyamas to prevent MRSA The manufacturer of the pajamas began clinical studies of their effectiveness in January 2007, and the studies are scheduled to be completed soon. According to a spokesperson from Marks & Spencer, the first retail chain to carry the pajamas, "interim results were positive."

    Learn more:

    Its Also used by Nasa,

    The Web Site Documents the Fact that NASA

    Developed a Silver-Based Water Purification for Use in the Space Program

    Here's an excerpt from an article I just found on the web site, discussing in-depth the silver-based water purification technology they developed for manned space flights.

    Belive me it has many benifits and those in the know use it regularly.

    Thank you for your post

  • Hi Pedrosky... What brand of Colloidal Silver and how much PPM (parts per million) amount are you using. Also, have you nebulized with silver and how much PPM are you using to your success? I have lots of yellow stuff in my lung for a while now. Thinking about nebulizing silver but concerned about the amount of ppm to use.

  • I have used colloidal silver in various forms for many years. I make my own colloidal silver using a Bob Becks silver zapper which is a dual function machine . I find the quality of the golden colloidal silver I produce is very good usually pans out to 10 parts per million ( PPM ) tested with my TDS probe . May I suggest you look up Bob Becks lectures on the subject on you tube where I think you will find all your questions answered. Finally I must say this post has generated a lot of interest and response even three years on !

  • Interesting.

    Thank you

  • Hi Peter are you still doing colloidal silver ?


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