Nobody said it was easy!!!! (Keeping fit through the winter)

Nobody said it was easy!!!!   (Keeping fit through the winter)

The Christmas tree is back in the loft and the New Year Hangover is well behind us now so Its time to start thinking about maintaining what fitness you have or improving things so that when the better weather arrives were in shape to enjoy it.

Today It didn't come easy to practice what I preach, when I looked out of the window at around 3 o'clock it was so dark and gloomy it would have been very easy to sit down turn on the TV and do a good impression of a couch potato, I even said to Sharon should I go for a walk kind of hoping she would say no just for once. All I get is 'you'll only moan if you don't',

So then the preparation starts 2 pairs of socks, walking boots, layers and layers of clothes, wooly hat gloves, out to the garage to fill the liquid oxygen cylinder from the dewer, mobile phone, stop watch in case of a record attempt, whew! by now I've had my daily dose of exercise but that's just the warm up.

That's it there's no turning back now, open the back door and out into the dark, wind and rain. I head off up through the estate at a steady pace and gradually increase the speed until its a little uncomfortable and then try and maintain that until I reach the top.

The wind was blowing in my face, making it harder work than just the normal hill I have to face but I see that as a little bonus exercise thrown in, also the stitch was setting in under my right rib cage so I had to back off a little so I could avoid stopping and looking the wreck that I felt.

It worked and finally I reached the top of the estate, a place of recovery, a place to be enjoyed as once again I have proved that the fibrosis in my lungs has not progressed any further.

My treadmill arrives on Wednesday so I may not have to suffer the winter elements quite so often, I wonder if I'll miss the wind and the rain and dressing up in preparation. I think not!! :)


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  • You are good Tony, would need a rest after getting dressed with all the wet cold weather clothing before heading out.

    Well done you. I think the exercise inside is a better option when weather conditions are bad. You are right though keeping fit through the winter is not always easy.

    How do you manage with the liquid oxygen in the wet weather Tony? A friend uses this and says you must avoid getting it wet. Do you have a cover protection for yours?

    Best wishes BC

  • Hi BC, outdoor winter exercise sucks don't it, but it has to be done to keep my lungs clear. It seems to take the prolonged deep breathing walking up the hill to the top of the estate to do the trick. I am hoping the treadmill will have the same effect.

    I didn't know about keeping the rain off my liquid oxygen so maybe I need to look into that one, I know it is pretty sensitive stuff and when I turn it up to 8 liters it chuffs out smoke quite noticeably, it certainly dosn't like being tipped on its side.

    Thanks BC, I wish you good health through 2014.


  • dall05 you are my hero *round of applause ', I cheat I have a small 'stepper' in my bedroom and do 10 mins a day on that, but you walk up the hill will do you so much more good as its out in the fresh air

    Well done

    Love Sohara

  • Cheers Sohara, Your probably right about the fresh air but it would be better if it wasn't quite so cold and damp.

    I think walking on the treadmill in my tracksuit bottoms and t shirt listening to some tunes in the warm could be a nice change. :)

    Keep up the good work on your stepper as we all know any exercise is good for us

    Tony xx

  • Did you get up in the loft? My exercise, up and down stairs 5 or 6 times a day. From chair to laundry, take to washer. From washer to drier and that's the killer. Washer is below drier. That's my bending done. 4 maybe 5 loads a day. Dormice are mucky little critters. If I'm really energetic I'll fold the washing, that's my bouncing a ball against the wall. My sit stands getting off the loo. Had to take the frame away as I have got too fat. So well done miracle man as you can see am in training for our walk. Dozy x

  • Hi DD, Our washing machine is in the garage as we voted to have the dishwasher in the kitchen. This is one job that I just can't do without getting out of breath. The bending does me every time, I always return into the house with my head spinning and often have to sit down.

    The loft, even though it involves a bit of a balancing act is easier as I don't have to bend and my arms do most of the work.

    Look forward to our walk someday as it seems we will wash our way to fitness. I peeled some potatoes, chopped a cabbage and prepared some sprouts today, does that give me extra fitness points?

    Tony xxx

  • Exercise makes you hungry. but it's a good hunger. preparing food is quite alluring to me. I love it! Brownie points x 10 !

  • Hi Flibberti, looking forward to the treadmill even though I know it will mean a lot of hard work. Its a shame there is no easier way of improving our situation but exercise seems to be the only real way of getting progress.

    I'm waiting for the scan results on the Abscess situation. It almost clears and then flares up again, it must have been going on 6 months now, it can't be good to be on antibiotics for this length of time so it'll be good to know exactly what I'm up against and maybe get it sorted. Hopefully I can get back on the transplant list once they know more.

    My transplant consultant said it could be dangerous to have the operation as they hit you with so many immune suppressants that the abscess could become a real problem and spread inside your body.

    When he said this I was quite happy to be suspended off the list for a while.

    I'm also being treated for an ulcer in my right eye which seems to be under control now and can look at a computer screen again without any pain.

    That's it with me, how are you?

    Tony x

  • Some bugs just don't want to leave, annoying little blighters aren't they. This abscess is one of those, most of the time its only a minor problem but when it flares its not much fun and then pop, it ooses some lovely stuff and then goes quiet for a while. Hope your not eating but I expect you know exactly what I'm talking about.

    Never heard of nebulised abs but they must get straight to the spot and hopefully they are killing them bugs for good. Good luck with that.

    I should be getting the scan results soon so we'll see what the experts have to say.

    Lets hope 2014 is kind to us eh' fberti :)

  • Hi , reading your blog makes me feel ashamed of moaning but has made me think that I should be more positive . I dont feel positive at the moment , but what reading these blogs has done has made me realise that I need to be coming to this site more often , not just when feeling really low and crappy. There are people in much worse situations than me who seem to be trying to smile through it all ang get on and enjoy life . Thank you and keep on enjoying your walks and a very Happy New Year to you

  • Hi CL, I do try to remain positive and always look at what I can do and not what I could do only 3 years back before my lungs were damaged.

    I find walking up hills is the best exercise for me as it really gets everything pumping. Yes its hard and uncomfortable at the time but its worth it for the better breathing afterwards and the good feeling of doing something to help yourself.

    Happy New Year to you Cakelady


  • I have megga problems outside exercising winter and summer. We live in a valley surrounded by the M1,and two really busy dual carriageways and so on a warm summers day, it is like 95% exhaust fumes and 5% Sparrow farts...sort of. I do crave fresh air and manage most days with trips out on the mobility scooter. Exercise, indoor only. The main way that I use is the Wii Fit and balance board. It tells me how I am doing day to day and when I am slacking. Play tennis, 10 pin, cycling, baseball whatever but I always try to have the windows open. Best time on the Wii has got to be when you connect up on line and play someone the other side of England or the world. Got to recommend it and so many cheap second hand ones out there too.

  • You are bloody fantastic! Well done! We got a treadmill and I like it and actually my husband has used it a few times - hoping that if I start to use it regularly it will encourage him! Take care and Happy New Year. TAD xx

  • I'm looking forward to walking myself fit in the comfort of my own home. Its wet and windy again outside but I guess its quite warm for the time of the year so for the next few days I'll have to suffer nature and look forward to Wednesday.

    Happy New Year to you TAD xx

  • And to you - my hero!! Your positive outlook and determination gives me the support to encourage my husband. Have a great year TAD xx

  • Always great to hear your positive posts, Think a treadmill is what I really need, used to walk a lot, until this breathlessness took over, and I dislike walking around incase I meet someone who knows me and I am puffing away, Youll get there, excellent .Heather.X

  • I've just got in from one of my walks and that treadmill can't come soon enough, its cold and very windy out and walking in the wind is so much harder. I guess I get more exercise but it ain't a lot of fun.

    I don't mind meeting someone I know when breathless as it gives them an idea of what its like to operate on 30% lung function, Its something I've got used to but I did try and avoid that kind of situation and hated not being able to hide the fact that I am ill.

    Now I don't give a dam and get on with whats best for me :)

    I think it would be money well spent on a tread mill, we can get fit together through 2014.

    Tony xx

  • You are a brave man, Tony. Well done if you can carry on with this. If you don't mind the weather, by all means carry on. A treadmill may be alright, but it will not replace the fresh air and the beautiful countryside.

    I get too breathless in the wind. my solution is the gym, where the air is constant and warmish. All the best with your walks. I wouldn't attempt this in stormy condition. i do know exercise prevents the illness from progressing, so good luck and well done!

  • Not sure about brave! helingmic possibly boardering on stupidity but it seems to work for me. I seem to be able to withstand colder temperatures this winter but like you walking in the wind is far more difficult and leaves me breathless much sooner on my walks.

    I've just got in now and my 30 minute walk has taken 45 mins, the wind is howling but I feel good for it.

    The bad news is Tiger, one of our cats had left me a very smelly present in his cat litter tray on my arrival home so the air isn't very fresh in here, urggg! :(

  • Well done Tony I start back at aqua fit tonight.

  • Hope its an indoor pool onamission, Ha Ha . Good thing you don't see those old outdoor pools any more

    or you might have to break the ice to get in.

    I've not been swimming since I fell ill 3 1/2 years ago, I was never very good at swimming on top of the water but loved swimming underwater. I might struggle to stay under for long now and I wonder if the chlorine would effect my breathing. How do you get on with it?

    Keep up the good work ona mis :)

  • I go to the local pool which is run by the council the chlorine is not bad at all I remember swimming in the same pool as a kid and the chlorine was so bad we all got out with blond hair lol but I think they use different chemicals now, I also walk our two dogs Harvey { black lab } and Holly a yellow lab and that is vey hard for me now but if I did not have them I would just sit around they give me a reason to get up. We bathed them both yesterday and poor Harvey looks like a scrap yard dog his fur is sticking out all over the place but it keeps us fit.

  • You're an inspiration old chum...

    I have a similar problem of getting suited and booted in the mornings and getting three dogs out, in some sort of order but it never works!!! THEY are definitely in charge!

    A tread mill sounds good for us Humans but there's no way I could persuade a ball hungry three year old Labrador to get on one!!

    Good luck for the New Year x

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