A new year resolution is easily forgotten how many times will people have said going to stop smoking this year then started within days at most. This time I have a cunning plan - Donate all of your cigarettes tobacco lighters matches pipes cigarette papers ashtrays e cigarettes to Age UK

This is a win - win situation you will stop smoking the smokes go to a good home with old people that have to spend all their money on heating and eating without cigarettes been expensive anyway.

Start smoking again because you only think about yourself now it is a poor old persons cigarette that your smoking !

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A possible solution but are you doing the old people any favours? Especially if they dont smoke! Ashtrays could be useful for pot plants. The rest, dump in the bin after wetting them with water.

I feel sure the cigarette companies take such ideas with glee we really ought to be stopping everyone smoking when no good comes from a terrible addiction. Destroy the tobacco products then seek help for the addiction I think a superior win win.

I think you have your tongue in your cheek here - which others may not have realised? - anyway in a similar vein - i'm an old person and may smoke them for you to nobly save you from yourself ha,ha xx

An ill wind that blows nobody some good undine noble acts must be recognised a saviour has come that can bring redemption - resolution breakers rejoice

Redirect tobacco products as your conscience declares

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