I have another chest infection...... Coughing up yuck .

I was in hospital a month ago with a chest infection and was treated for the symptoms of sepsis with oral and IV antibiotics, but I went to the gp on Friday as I was sure it was coming back. She said lungs clear and just take paracetamol....but I know after 20years if an infection is on its way. I do have some Doxcycline, but I am waiting for more tests on my bladder and kidneys as I have blood in my urine so a bit wary. May ring 111

Really fed up.

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  • Sorry you are feeling poorly, knitter. Definitely you need reassuring so do ring 111. Also ring your GP for reassurance. These things can blow up quite quickly.

  • So sorry to hear this Knitter.

    I would say seek medical help ASAP. Sounds as though you have a kidney infection as well. Drink loads avoiding caffeine until you get medical help. Have you got people about to help you? Peeg xxx

  • Oh dear,not what you need! Please see the Doctor,& get the right meds.Above advice all good as usual! Drinking water is a no.1.Do hope you get the right help,& you start to feel ok.Good luck with the kidneys too.Hugs xxxx

  • Thank you for all your replies.... I rang 111 and got an appointment with an out of hours doctor who was very thorough...start on the Doxycycline. Now have to wait for tests on urinary tract. Will drink more water and keep off the coffee.

    Best wishes

  • Glad you got a thorough doctor. Yes to drinking lots of water and if it's any consolation my husband has just started on abs this morning! Hope that all is well with the test results. Take good care and wishing you a speedy recovery TAD xx

  • So sorry you are having to deal with this again.

    So glad you called 111 and got some good advice.

    Feel better soon.

  • Knitter, sounds like III came up trumps for you, take care look after yourself. When the water works are better there are lots of things to drink that keep infections clear, cranberry juice being the main one. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  • Good advice, as usual on here, really hope you feel better soon x

  • hope you're feeling better today Knitter xxx

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