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No surprises my chest infection hasn't cleared up :-(

Sorry me again! Dr on Monday. My chest is getting hot again, still yellow/green mucus, coughing and everyone else is putting jumpers on and I'm in a summer t-shirt. I can feel it brewing like a nice glass of red wine waiting to be sipped with cheese :-) :-) lol got to smile! The question is should I do the school run starting Tues ( I really don't fancy it) or should I stay cuddled up warm. Worried that it will get worse?! I was so fed up yesterday that I had a couple of glasses. My nephews 21st party this Sat 12th hoping to be able to have a few drinks.

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Oh dear, are you drinking plenty - of WATER too? You & me both, If I cant get in tomorrow then I'll go Tuesday.

I'm thrilled to be on Carbocistiene 3 x daily which is an improvement on previous infections.

I experimented in the early hours when I couldnt stop coughing & asthma was kicking in.Tok my blue Breatheasi then I did the slow deep diaphragm breathing and managed to calm it down.

I was very good & managed to stay off the drinkipoos over the Xmas & New year & 2 birthdays (well, just the odd half glass of bubbly) as have been on antiBs (that dont seem to be doing it grrr).

Had this stinking cold on top with much feverishness, sneezing & sinus headache. Getting really fed up now.

Let us know what your doc says. xx

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Hope you are also feeling better soon peeg. x

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thank you BC. On sofa, back to back Midsomer Murders, Miss Marple etc helps.

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Will you check in with your doc again soon also peeg, it going on too long. I am still not right but much better than I was. I am having my bloods done Monday so if anything is amiss I guess it will show in those. Keep warm and keep doing all the stuff you know that helps. Bc xox

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Good luck with the blood test....a good marker to show if there is still an infection.

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thanks Knitter

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Thank you, I will go this week for sure. Last Azithromycin tomorrow. 9 tabs in all over 30 days. It worked before but dont think it has this time :(

good luck with your bloods too xxx

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Hope you are feeling better today peeg.

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I am BC thanks, havent got dressed or been out but feel loads better. Got 3 more days of Azith from GP on Monday so we'll see. Everything crossed :)

Hows about you???????

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that's good to hear peeg, lets hope things are on the up and up for you now :) Everything Crossed for nice long infection free period for everyone through the rest of 2014! :)

I am doing much better and am feeling more like my old self :)

Best wishes to all BC

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Hi peeg I do drink a lot of water I do enjoy it so I'm lucky. What is carbocisuene? I didn't have any wine NYE. You sound like you had what I've had over Christmas, hope you feel better soon. Xxx

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Hi, Carbocistiene is the drug and mine are called Mucodyne on the pack.

They are blooming marvellous. They keep the mucus loose enabling you to cough it up and to prevent it hanging around down there festering & growing yet more bugs in the warm breeding ground.

Ask for it. Many others swear by it too. I take a daily maintenance dose then if a bit poorly up it to 2 capsules 3 x daily. I think it takes a couple of weeks to work so you need it in your system. My GP swears it's harmless.

I know that without it I wouldn't stand a hope in hell of recovering from what I have this side of Easter. With it, I'm optimistic that soon I'll be rejoining the human race CANT WAIT.

So sorry you are still unwell Jeannaanne, hope you will soon be feeling better.

Take good care and drink plenty as peeg suggests.

How frustrating for you and miserable. If you aren't feeling much better by Tuesday I wouldn't advise the school run. Hope you get better soon TAD xx

Have you got a sputum pot? make an appointment with your GP, tell her that you don't get better and ask her (or at reception) for some sputum pots with a from from the GP. Give it back with your sputum to be tested - they'll process this for you. It's vital that the germs are determined for the right antibiotic to be applied.

IMHO, due to the awful weather we're experiencing, I wouldn't do the school run. Stay in the warmth, lost of hot drinks, do some gentle ACBT (active cycle of breathing technique) video here:

Hope you get better soon :-)

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Good video helingmic.

Hope you are doing better today Jeannaane, rest up and hopefully you will be well enough to enjoy your nephews 21st on 12th :)

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