hi its me again

today I went to work to see the boss , still cant go back to work with health and safty issues .my boss jim had been on his pc doing a risk accessment for over 4 hours checking things with insurance company and seeing what can be adapted ..did not realise how many sparks and flames there were in the factory .when you work out you aint allowed nearer than 1 1/2 meters to a flame or spark. we both sort of agreed that's its . am off to c a b on Tuesday to find out what I do next .

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Hi tobydoo, haven't spoke to you befor, so a bit in the dark. What do you do for work, that you cannot get nearer than 1.1/2 meters to a flame?

I work in sheet metal works that's got two lazers a welding department ,spots welders a massif grinding area .so theres no where to walk in safty with my liquid oxygen .

Hi Toby. Is there no chance of an office job or Sales or something away from the sparks? Good luck mate.


Hi tobydoo, sorry but now I understand, as phillips1 said, can they not offer you a position in another area. Maybe that wouldn't be your cup of tea. Whatever, yes I think that a visit to CAB is a good move. I hope you get to speak with them and get help, maybe if you also ask BLF they may be able to give you some advice, re job options ect. Good luck, and take care. June

ther is an organisation called: Workplace Disability Adjustments ( WDA ) who may offer advice. Good luck Toby

You can have a look at the ACAS website, there is information on there and they`ll give you free advice over the phone if you need it. You must be in a turmoil about it all, good luck.

Still thinking of you Matey best of luck....

Your boss sounds like the disability advisor at the job centre I explained I had to be very carful about going in to public places because of picking up flu so she would look at getting me a job on customer services desk in Asda you can't get anymore public than that. I feel the real problem is people don't understand when you tell them you have COPD you tell them you have cancer and everyone understands.

Hi tobydoo this could be a long hall so keep up your strength and determination. could you work from home ? this may be a very silly question depending on what you do. Good luck for Tuesday. Irene X

C A B should be a good help + the other organisations mentioned. have your interest at heart. I hope you will find an appropriate environment to work in. Best of luck, be shrewd!

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