Recived letter of IIDB re appeal of my perscibed disease or is it a illness

Recived letter of IIDB re appeal of my perscibed disease or is it a illness

Anyway feel quite sick and breath smells of sick to ... Must be infection.

Anyway was looking into my illness and responce from lung doc and clowns at iidb office who say am not coughing up asbestos fibers BUT did say if i am its from food am eating.

Like really is it them coughing them up as such experts thay are

BUT yep there is a serious side one i most defo did not want to happen and that was letter of lung doc saying i had Chronic Bronchial Sepsis or was it Chronic Lung Sepsis which refers to Lung Abceses which means my

Bronchitiasis or Empthysemataious Bullea Fluid is Infected or is it a Abcess if am lucky if there is such a thing with Asbestos Fibre Inhalation like really am the expert .. but like the telling me seriousness of my condition

Looks like my doc is going to after get is finger out BREAK out the CHINA herbal remedy stuff i.e Fibrinolytics

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  • Daz so sorry you are going through this. I so hope the docs get you on some treatment that will calm your lungs and give you some improvement in quality of life.

    Always wishing you the very best

    Feel better soon


  • Hi cheers bc yep lets hope but am not holding my breath ... as be lucky these days if a could


  • Has any one offered you help? or solutions?

  • Hi offcut nor just something new to chew over .. Thay are bunch of clowns told them 100 times bits am coughing up affect my breathing yet thay say its hyperventilation syndrome ... It will all come out one day when thay have to vac my lungs

  • Let's hope it comes out before things get to that stage daz. xx

  • Hi poemsgalore cheers yep a do hope .. But going of my history with GP and Docs things will get to that .. But al be sure to have my day

  • Sorry to hear you are unwell again Daz. I hope the infection clears quickly. x

  • Hi toci cheers yep a do to but its still as bad as when i catched it

  • One thing on top of another Daz, but you will get through this I'm sure.

  • Hi rick1 cheers am sure a will a think this hole sepsis thing is my lung doc covering is ass with out going on about asbestos fibber inhalation

  • Really hope that your problems lessen over the year, Daz. All the best Pergola x

  • Hi pergola1 yep i do to but a can feel its getting bad

    But what will be will be

    Cheers thanks

  • Well I really have herd it all now '' clowns at iidb office who say am not coughing up asbestos fibers BUT did say if i am its from food am eating '' and if I read your post correct Daz where does your Doctor think you buy your food with asbestos in it really does make me mad these Doctors who don't know what is wrong with you and make it up as they go along. I know one Doctor from my old practice who used to goggle all your symptoms he told me he thought the red marks I get was cancer.

    I really do feel for you Daz all you want is for the person who is responsible for this asbestos to hold there hands up and get proper treatment. Take care xx

  • Hi Daz, my goodness you are having a hard time of it just now hey? I think half the time they are guessing with the lungs. I just wish I could cheer you up. I have a brilliant consultant at the hospital and my GP is great to talk to as well. I guess I am very lucky that way. Is there no-one else you can see?

  • Asbestos in the food you are eating?? who do you by your food from? find out and sue them sighting your doc as a professional independent witness.......

    You`ll win no bother then you would be able to go private with the best doctors to be bought.

    I hope someone gets to the bottom of this for you daz and can help you to have a better quality of life.


  • Hi tomc cheers ye a thought do asda warbourtons know what atos doctors are saying about asbestos in food .. Is ridicules esp as it could not of come from what my claim was about .. anyway yep have requested court transcripts as mp is on the job

  • Maybe you should also have a word with your supermarkets and make a joint claim, they have the cash to pursue and you have the advantage of them on your team.

    Good luck to you mate, go get them!!


  • Hi tomc cheers think thats a great idea and is defo a option


  • Hi naturelover yes you are very lucky with your doc .. to be honest a dont think a will change my docs thay know the score ... and thay know am not shy at telling them how a feel its al down to whos right and whos wrong

    Thanks cheers

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