i am on freeflow oxygen 15hrs day idont have a problem flying but the cost abroad is [spain] £38 a day to hire oxygenater machine

i went to lanzarote with a letter from doctor went to nlocal clinic got no help so i managed without i was fine but my sats dropped to 84 from 93 at nite so as a bit nervious just kept fan on my face my sats were well up & breathing was better dont no if i would risk it again but the cost of a machine soo xpensive

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  • if you contact the british embasy before you leave two weeks or more, they will organise oxygen for you and it should be free, talk to blf

  • From the NHS Choices website about Spain:

    "Oxygen therapy

    Ensure your EHIC is valid before you travel. You will have to use the authorised oxygen company for the country you are travelling to.

    If you need to receive oxygen therapy during a temporary visit to Spain, you must request it in advance in writing from the Spanish authorities. You should send this request at least one month before you are due to travel.

    Oxygen therapy needs to be arranged directly with the Spanish authorities. Visit the oxygen page on healthcareinspain.eu, where a list of contacts and a template letter in Spanish is provided to help you make the arrangements.

    Once you have sent the oxygen request directly to the Spanish authorities, it is your responsibility to then follow up with the relevant oxygen provider to confirm your request has been processed.

    The British Lung Foundation (BLF) may have additional oxygen contacts for the country you are travelling to. Their website offers general advice about how to make travel arrangements, including advice on:

    •travelling abroad with a lung condition

    •airline oxygen policies

    Ensure you allow plenty of time to make all your arrangements before you travel."

    Has anyone successfully done all of this?

  • thankyou i will go to the web site

  • thankyou very much i will

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