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I'm returning to this discussion group after a break. I don't have any lung problems myself, but when I left work I decided I wanted to do some voluntary work and the BLF seemed like a good thing to support.

I stumbled across this group and watched it because I found it gave a great insight into the problems, and I knew it would help me be a better volunteer. Unfortunately some "life" got in the way and distracted me for a while! But, now I'm back and have signed up as a proper member so I can post.

My question is: what opportunities exist for volunteers in the BLF? Do I have to go through the head office, or should I approach a local branch? Or individuals? Will I need to get a CRB, or similar? Any other advice?

Best wishes,


(Nottingham, UK)

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Hi Steve from Nottingham! I think there are Breathe Easy groups all over the country. As Hypercat said, check the red balloon and check your area. I belong to a local Breathe Easy and receive their newsletter every month. I'm sure you can find a group. You're keen. You'll be rewarded, don't worry! Welcome to this site anyway and a happy new year with all your projects.


Hi Steve, welcome to the site.

As Bev says, call the BLF, if there are opportunities within BLF or Breath Easy groups they can probablybe in touch.

You will probably have to get CRB checked. CRB certificates used to take about 6 weeks to come through, last 3 years & cost £60 but you can check current regs online.

When you've got your CRB you can offer your services at care homes (many people have no visitors for months).

Then there's Age UK and the new Silverline.

Good luck, Peeg


Thank you, everyone! I guess I should have thought about clicking the red balloon myself!

It does sound like a local Breathe Easy group will be the best way to volunteer, but I will talk to the BLF first.

Thank you again. Perhaps our paths will cross in the real world, some time, instead of just our internet forum. :-)




Contact details are not now showing when you click on the red balloon, but check here:


Thank you!


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