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birthday surprise

to day I went back to work first day with oxygen . all me work mates taking the pee out of me . then at 10am called to office me boss jim says bad news mate you have to leave work emediatly have had firms insurance on the phone . too many souces of ignightion that affect my could affect my oxygen . we have lazers, welders ,. spot welders and grinders .so now I am at home not sure what to next .who to see . what a birthday . happy days

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Oh Toby I am sorry, what an awful thing to happen at New Year and your Birthday

Lets hope that you find out eventually that you actually ENJOY being retired, and that you can manage financially on the amount you have coming in.

You never know it 'may' turn out to be a good development for you, even though it doesn't feel like it right now

Love Sohara


Should have sorted risks before saying ok come back what about office job fingers crossed for you.


Happy Birthday toby.

Take a breather, if work is still paying your wage, wait for your letter of dismissal and final payment date. You need this in writing. Then you can go ahead and get some help from JSA or ESA. Speak with BLF helpline for further advice.

Glad you didn't start the new year with a bang ;)

Best wishes BC


What a rotten thing to be told at New Year and to make it worse, your birthday.

Happy Birthday anyway.

If you are in a union you should ask their advise as to what happens now after all it is not a misconduct dismissal.

Also see the DWP site as to what benefits etc you may be entitled to.

I know that's not what you want to hear, but it does no harm to investigate ALL your options.

Take care of yourself.



Hi Toby. Sorry to hear your news. How far are you from retirement? I was 59 when I was finished and I managed to get a reduced pension at 60. As BlakeyC says, give the BLF helpline a ring, they are very good. Good luck for the future mate.



Many Happy returns tobydoo, don't get to downhearted. xxxxx


Feel like the others - they should have looked into this before you went back. Especially with lasers, welders etc. I assume you would be in the same vicinity as these at some time in your day. Mind you, knowing insurance companies, once their mind is made up.... it does look as though your employer did try hard to keep you there.

I was unable to do my job a few years ago and my employers did explore other options workwise to try and keep me employed. We looked at part-time, change of title, office work etc but the bottom line for me was that I was too unwell to carry on working.

The union would be a good starting place if you're a mamber or get legal advice through CAB.

Good luck.

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I stand corrected and have amended my advice accordingly. My employer was a local authority and were very helpful.


Oh no. I left my job in August but before then there was the question of whether I was fit enough to go back and could they change my job, do fewer hours ect. They did mention that they would have to do a risk assessment if I did go back and they certainly would not have let me go back unless everything was in order. However, I decided that I was not up to working anymore, love being retired more time to spend with people I care about and time to look after myself properly.

P.s. Happy belated birthday.


Aww Tobydoo. Firstly very Happy Birthday. What a shame about work. I can see where they are coming from. It's just a shame they let you build yourself up for it. X


What a bitter disappointment for you - but given the health and safety I suppose sensible. I am

Sorry for you and hope that other doors open for you and you are able to continue to enjoy your life. Take good care with love TAD xx


Happy belated birthday Toby.Sorry for the unwelcome present you got! It was your first day with the 02,so I suppose they don't want you blowing yourself or others up!

I wonder if there is any office job etc you could do?

Let us know how you get on,best of luck to you xx


Ditto everything said here best of luck Tobydoo and Happy Birthday hope it turns out well for 2014 for you!


Hello I am sad you have been treated in such a way. Ask yourself one question do you still want to work with these uncaring people? If the answer is yes then you should argue your case. An employer has to make reasonable adjustments to the work place to enable a disabled employee to continue working. Do not hand in your notice. talk to your union rep or ask acas for advice or citizen advice. I think you are courageous and an example to us all of determination and sheer will power to keep working. I wish you good luck and I hope you get the outcome want. best wishes Irene X


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