A question for BiPap/CPap users…

.. or anyone whose treatment involves sleeping wearing a close fitting mask.

I’ve been using a Vivo 40 BiPap for 5 years now for CO2 retention which has worked wonders keeping the CO2 levels down to a bit nearer normal. I’ve often woken with a dry mouth, but it has now got so bad that I have trouble getting lips and gums unstuck enough to take in some liquid. Once I’ve been able to get a mouthful of water in (invariably involving dribbling – not pretty!) it’s all okay again. My dental hygienist, who could tell I’d had problems, gave me some sort of gum lubrication jelly but any benefit was very temporary as I don’t suffer from a dry mouth when I’m awake.

I’d be grateful for any advice – I don’t want to start losing all my teeth on top of everything else :-(


Happy New Year to everyone :-) May we all Live Long and Prosper!

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  • Have you got a humidifier supplied with your machine? If not, then ring the hospital and they'll provide you with one.

  • Sorry, should have mentioned my machine does have a humidifier. We asked for it when I first started having problems. It seemed to help initially, but doesn't seem to make any difference now. I've tried it with the humidifier set to 9, the highest level, but then it used up all the water too quickly, which if anything made things worse. So it's now set to 2, which leaves a small amount of water in the reservoir in the morning, as I feel that's better than it running dry.

  • That's a shame, as I was hoping it might just be an easy problem to fix, which it does for many people once they get a humidifier. Have you tried Biotene Mouth Wash? I know several people who find this helps if they use it just before bed.

    Another thing you could try with you say drinking some water helps, is this drinking cup system hydrateforhealth.co.uk/the-... and in actual fact I've just bought one, as I'm going to trial it with a view to stocking it in our online shop for sleep apnoea sufferers. If you do try it and find it helps, can you let me know please on this thread or at hope2sleep@gmail.com as it would be good to hear if it's a good option for us mask users. I'm thinking it would help us not have to take our masks off to drink and also has a hook we can attach to our headboards. In fact, whilst it's on my mind I'm going upstairs to try it out as I kept forgetting ;)

  • Pete has suffered a dry mouth and lost teeth without using cpap so goodness knows how he will get on when he starts to use one later this month. You can get a spray but wise to ask your GP or dentist. Good luck and hope you find a solution. Happy New Year. xxxx

  • snoring causes a dry

    have you tried a chin strap to help keep your mouth closed

  • Thanks for your thoughts on this. I've tried various sprays, but they don't help as the dry mouth only happens once I'm asleep. Don't know about the chin strap as well as the face mask, but might have to consider it if I get desperate enough.

    For now I think I'll go with Kath's suggestion and send off for the water bottle with a drinking tube. At least then I won’t have to fully wake and sit up to have a sip of water – it sounds ideal. I’ll let you know how I get on.


  • You won't believe this jabber, but I can't find my bottle anywhere. It came at the same time we were putting up the xmas decorations so I've absent-mindedly put it somewhere 'safe.' Hope I find it soon as it's bugging me. Let me know what you think when you get yours, and when I do find it I'll report back, duh!

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