Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Still 3 hours to go here! Enjoyed a lovely Thai dinner,with some of the family.They have gone on to watch the fireworks,I came home to make sure Harry was ok,& to have a quiet drink with him.He is now off to bed,& I am watching the tennis,from Brisbane International,& will watch the fireworks from Sydney, on the tv,if I last!

Wanted to wish,old friends & new,a Happy New Year,& do hope for beathe easy days,& all good things for you all.Lots of love to all.

Wendells xxxx

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Hi, Wendells. Your New Year's Eve sounded fine. I expect there will be fireworks around here but the weather ....I know it is so hot in Australia, too much the other way. Not a cricket fan, but oh dear, what got into the English team. Men are so temperamental?

Wont be seeing the family. Too far away which is the reason we are moving to be near them. I think neither of us had a particularly good 2013 healthwise, so all my best wishes for a more peaceful New Year xxx

Hi Wendells, seems you have had a lovely time.

Feet up on the sofa now and relax, hope you stay awake for the fireworks, I know I won't although they will wake me up.

Wishing you and your family a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Take care.

polly xx

Happy New year breathe easy days Wendells and family

Happy New Year Wendells we got some time to go yet lol so Happy New Year to every one no matter where your from

Happy New Year to you Wendells and to Harry. You seem to have had a lovely time and hope you get to see the fireworks. Take care and stay well. Love, Carole xxxx

Happy New Year Wendells

Sounds like you have had a good evening, I shall never forget a new year in Sydney, with the free open air concert in the grounds of the opera house. The Sydney symphony orchestra played Tchaikovsky - 1812 overture to bring in the New Year, it was spectacular with the choir, the canons and the Bells ringing right on midnight and then the fantastic display of fireworks over Sydney harbour. Superb.

Wishing you everything good for 2014.

Best wishes BC

Happy New Year Wendells. I hope this year brings you health and happiness. M xx

Still 8 hours to go here and its time to start the party me thinks. Rock night at the local Ye Hi!!!. As Led Zepplin used to sing 'Its been a long time since I rock and rolled'

Happy New Year Wendells!!!!! :) :) :)

Wishing all a happy new year with relief from any health problems.

Sounds like you had a good new year Wendells happy new year to you and your family x

happy New Year to you and Harry Wendells!

It sounds as though you're making a good recovery. Very best for 2014 xxxx Peeg

Happy New Year Wendells and Harry. Loved Sidney fireworks. Stayed awake for ours but no alcohol! Happy to be warm and cuddled up in bed. Have a lovely year. Thank you for your kind wishes. Alison xxx

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