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its all arrived

I have had all my gas supplied today . didn't realise there wood be so much . I have a tank of liquid oxygen in the garden to fill up the two portable units I have too carry around with me . plus a cylinder I have to carry in car in case my portable ones don't work . then there is the concentrater up staires with a long line on . plus a cylinder in case that don't work . oh and a cylinder down by back door . in case outside tank is frozen . it all seems a little bit over wellming at the moment . tomorrow I have to meet my boss at work to talk things over . have to see if I can carry working . heres hoping .

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It is a bit overwhelming but you soon get used to it, and it's quite comforting to know it's there as it makes life easier. Good luck with your boss.

Happy new year

Kim xxxx


cheers .happy new year to you . xx


Good luck with work Toby and all the best for 2014 Peeg


Hoping things improve for you now and all your desires are forthcoming :O)

Good luck with the meeting with your boss tomorrow.

Happy new year and best wishes BC


It sounds like you have enough oxygen to supply the rest of us. If I'm running low at least I know where to come.

Good luck tobydoo, you'll soon get to grips with it.

Your next visit will be from the fire brigade, they will fill your house with fire alarms for free.



I feel for you. It's only three months since I started on oxygen and I'm still not fully settled in but I do remember how overwhelming it all felt at the time. I had a little wobble and felt I would never cope with it all.

Three months later I feel much more positive and beginning to accept life on the 'tube'. Still not been out on my own with it but will do this soon.

Good luck with your work meeting and stay positive. I wish I was still working.


Truth be told, I used oxygen religiously when I first got out of the hospital about a year and a half ago; I also took a small canister with me when driving around on my errands. Gradually, I used less and less until now I'm down to a few hours at night but I also still take some along when driving in case anything happens and I'm left on foot..., or anything else.

Anyway, I've learned to wean myself off of oxygen and rely on my lungs themselves; in fact, I was encouraged to do so by two of my doctors but they said don't throw it away entirely.

I still get breathless but the prescribed Symbicort helps with that quite a bit. Bottom line: nothing is written in stone (except death and taxes) and one would do well and experiment to see what suits best. Sometimes, when trying something new like exercise, it all becomes a strain but, gradually I've found I'm up to the challenge.


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