beginning to despair

Feeling really sorry for myself. Was in hospital for ten days with pneumonia. I have been left with no energy, the second night home was I really sick during the night, that seems to have passed but the other end is now playing me up, I am still so breathless I need to keep my oxygen on 24/7. I used to be able to give myself the odd hour without it. I do have horrendous lungs and don't expect to feel great but I had hoped to feel a bit better. I am used to being in hospital at least every three months with chest infections but this seems to have really beaten me. Sorry for ranting, I don't usually. Thanks for listening. xx

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  • Hey that's not a rant that is just a release of feelings. I'm sure we here are all with you. Take good care of yourself and try to just think about you and nobody else till you are better. Hugs

  • Thanks Suzy6, I appreciate your reply. it's nice to know someone cares! M xx

  • I really hope things pick up for you soon and I am thinking of you and wishing you well. Take care. Lots of love. xxxxxxx

  • Thank you Sassy, M xx

  • Big hugs to you Mocarey(gentle ones!) So sorry you have had such a horrible time,I was wondering where you'd disappeared too,didint realise you were in hospital.

    Do hope you start to feel like your old self again soon pneumonia,is awful to have,& does take a lot out of you,do hope you have some help at home.

    You rant away,as much as you like! I'm sure there's lots of friends here,that can understand where you're coming from!

    We're all made of stern stuff lol!

    Do keep in touch with your Doc.etc.if you feel you're not improving,maybe some meds are upsetting your tummy?

    Wishing you a much happier New Year,love Wendells xxxx

  • Thankyou so much hypercat. M xx

  • Thank you Wendells. It's nice to know my friends understand. Take care. M xx

  • Sorry to hear your feeling under the weather Mocarey.

  • Thank you very much. M xx

  • You have every reason to rant! But please be kind to yourself give yourself time to recover slowly. Take good care TAD xx

  • Thank you Tad. I will do my best. xx

  • Hi Mocarey, what a dreadful time you are having at the moment enough to make a saint swear so go ahead and express how you feel (that's not ranting) there are plenty of people on here who will understand exactly how things are with you.

    Pneumonia is a awful thing to get over and takes quite a long time before you will be feeling yourself, much longer really than any of us would want, so you must sit back, rest and look after yourself and give yourself time to build yourself back up again then hopefully you will be back to leaving off the oxygen for the odd hour.

    Wendells is probably right about the medication upsetting your stomach, maybe a good idea to get it checked out.

    If all the prayers and good wishes sent to you on here count for anything you should be well on the way to being on the mend very soon.


    polly xx

  • Thank you lovely Polly! M xx

  • What a rotten time you've been having. My best wishes wing their way to you for a speedy recovery.

  • Thank you happyfeet. M xx

  • Hi Flibberti, Thanks for your understanding and your words of wisdom. I like the sound of the little treats. I have to admit my weakness is my kindle. Hope you are well, M xx

  • Hi Mo, the others have really said all I could, but just to say that each time I've been in hospital (3 times this year) it's taken me longer to recover once I'm home. I hate hospital with a passion but the last couple of times I've not wanted to leave, one minute you're feeling safe and the next minute you have to cope yourself and it's very scary. Don't hesitate to get your gp or comm matron out Mo, just because you've been discharged from hospital doesn't mean you are well and it may be that you need some follow on treatment, or treatment for a bug. Will be thinking of you, do let us know how you go on. Libby x

  • Thanks for the advice and the good wishes Libby! God bless! M xx

  • Dear poor Mo, I so feel for you with all that you have been through lately, and this pneumonia has been awful this year, I am still recovering at home, still feel wiped out. I am wondering if you may be anemic like me after the meds, just by chance my gp did a blood count and found me anemic and low in vit d ?

    The sickness in the night you had will leave you drained as well, can you get someone to boil a lamb bone broth with leeks in, that is easy to digest and kept me going... and husband !

    At least the days will get longer and lighter now, get plenty of rest and warmth, it just takes time as the others said.

    with love xxx

  • Hello Dear Zube, Thanks so much for the tips and the good wishes. M xx

  • Hello Mocarey

    Sorry your feeling so rubbish, it really does knock you for six pneumonia. Build yourself up to things slowly, and don't beat yourself up for being ill it takes a long time and stress doesn't help.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    Kim xxxx

  • Sending you lots of healing Mo, and wishing you a speedy recovery. Please do all you need to take care of yourself, and hope that 2014 will be kind to you x

  • Thank you Polly! M x

  • bless u!!! wot a shame, no wonder you feel so low. We all have to try and keep each other cheered up on here if we can. I do hope things improve for you a little bit xx

  • Oh you poor thing I hope you are able to get plenty of rest! Thinking of you hope you get a good sleep tonight :-) take care. I love this site everyone is so supportive no other like it! Remember to drink plenty of water x

  • Oh Mo how I wish I lived near enough to come round and look after you...The others are all right, it does take time to get your strength back after an exacerbation .....hopefully each day that passes will make you feel a little stronger.. DVDs are good spoil yourself and sit and watch a good film or some comedy ....slowly try to build your strength up again.....pamper yourself ...stay clear of people that may give you a cold or something. It kind of feels like you were sent home a little early, but with the pressure on beds at this time of year that happens. Do not hesitate to call your doctor out if you are not feeling better in a day or are a very special person and you need all the help you can get to get over this last attack.

    All your friends are on this site, to help you if you have a problem

    Lets hope 2014 is a happy New Year for you

    Lots of love Sohara

  • Bless you, sending you some love & hugs dear Mo and hope you're feeling less sick now.

    If I remember rightly your family are nearby which is great. All the very very best to you for a speedy recovery and a healthier,happy 2014 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Peeg

  • Oh sweetheart I have just got back and I am so sorry to hear you are having probs from the IVs. I am hoping the IVs have kicked the pneumonia bug into touch. I was hoping when the vomiting settled you would start to feel better and I am also hoping the other prob is settling. It's so draining isn't it hun - I'm still having probs from IVs in July, but mainly following oral abs. Did you ever get the probiotics prescribed Mo?

    You must be so peed off as you have had such a rough ride last year. I am sooo hoping this settles for you lovely and you soon see an improvement. You know you can come on here any time.

    Did you see all the lovely comments from you pals on here wishing you well whilst you were in hospital - proof I think of how much you are loved

    Wishing you much better health for 2014 my dear friend.

    Loads a love


  • Thanks for you post C, I am still weak as a kitten but trying to be positive. Thanks for the link to all my good wishes. aren't they a lovey bunch! Hope you are well. M xx

  • they are indeed Mo - you are well thought of hun. Sorry you are still struggling so - it really doesn't seem to take long before we are back on the orals does it? Hope you see an improvement soon sweetheart.

    love S x

  • Dear Mo, I do so hope you're feeling a little better today and that litle by little you will recover from the latest bout.

    Ordinary pneumonia completely knocks you for six and takes ages to recover from. It used to take me 3 months so dont be hard on your self. all the very best xxxxxx Peeg

  • Thank you Dear Peeg. I am still zonked. My oxygen sats just don't seem to be improving and I have started on oral antibioitcs for another chest infection. So fed up but it encourages me when you say it takes much longet to get over pneumonia. Hope you are well. M xxxx

  • I've just re-read my msg to you Mo, it sounded wrong.

    I didnt mean that your pneumonia was ordinary just that what I had was less serious than yours (not hospitalised for starters). I hope youre managing to keep your spirits up, it's so hard to when you're feeling awful. My very best wishes to you xxxxx

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